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iOS App of the Week – Enjifit

Friday, July 6, 2018

Whether you want to discover and hire personal fitness trainers or to team up with new gym buddies, we have the perfect recommendation for you. Meet Enjifit, one of the greatest workout partner apps on the App Store! Due to its originality and usefulness, we’re pronouncing it a iOS App of the Week.

What is Enjifit?

It can be hard to stay motivated and focused on your goals during your workout and trainings, we know. That’s why we chose the Enjifit app to present to you today. Enjifit is an awesome iOS app that can help you find workout partners and personal trainers nearby. Connecting you with users with similar interests, the app is free for download, offering some premium features and an intuitive user interface.

Standout Features

Enjifit has the ability to motivate you in achieving your fitness goals. Enter a huge community of people that have similar interests with you and workout together. Connect with others by joining a motivational community and share your fitness and health trends, photos and more. Find matching users, filter them by goals, interests and location, message them instantly and stay connected as long as you want. Whether you’re looking for a spotter at the gym or preparing for a marathon or competition, the app makes it simpler and easier. Also, it helps you find and hire certified personal fitness trainers in your area of need. Additionally, you can create healthy reminders that will help you stay focused and motivated, you can join workout sessions and groups, and so on.

The Enjifit app is free for download on the App Store, but it offers premium features as well (they come with subscriptions). Get it today and enjoy a better workout experience!

Official Website Link: Enjifit

App Store Download Link: Enjifit


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