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iOS Game of the Day - Space Blocks Challenge

Friday, July 6, 2018

Puzzle games have challenged human beings for centuries. To put it into perspective, that's a whole lot longer than the iPhone and iPad have been around. In fact, the first tablets that puzzles were played on were actual tablets. The kind made of stone that probably had a commandment or two etched into them. But for modern puzzle gamers, few resources are quite as ready, willing, and able to challenge to the problem-solving side of our brain as our iOS devices. With literally thousands (if not tens, or even hundreds of thousands) of puzzle games to choose from on the App Store, it's sometimes hard to not feel paralyzed by choice.

What is Space Blocks Challenge?

Lucky for you, Intellectuapp is here to be your ferryman through these troubled waters. We’re happy to share one of our favorites - Space Blocks Challenge. This is an innovative, fun and addictive block puzzle game that stunned us with its marvelous space graphics and sounds. Although the gameplay is simple, it’s very hard to master, so keep on reading and find out how to play and to see if you can conquer it.

How to Play?

Space Blocks Challenge is designed with intuitive touch screen controls, great animations and engaging sound effects. The space theme actually enhances the user’s gaming experience. Like any other block game, this one’s goal is to make rows out of the blocks and destroy them to make higher scores. All you have to do is drag and drop different size blocks to make rows of ten on a 10x10 playing field, and when you make a row of ten, the blocks on that row are destroyed. As you play, you will have the chance to win power gems that can help you in times when you’re stuck. Use the green and blue gems to swap out your blocks for the ones you really need, or use the unique gold gem to destroy all blocks. Try to destroy as many blocks as you can, think strategically and earn the highest scores possible!

Simple, challenging, and enjoyable, Space Blocks Challenge can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Click the link below to get it today!

App Store Download Link: Space Blocks Challenge


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