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Meet New People and Form Friendship for Life with the Pal App

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

It’s hard to form new friendships because with friends they are generally well established and have been formed for years. True friendship is when you don’t see your mate for months, even years but when you meet up it’s like you’ve been apart for only a few hours. There’s an iPhone app that allows you to make new friends and do activities that interest you all. Introducing Pal, it’s the innovative social media app that lets boredom be a thing of the pass and make friends.

Pal feed allows you to see what activities others are doing in the local area and give you the option of joining them. You can create activities of your own and chat to people who join so you can arrange the meeting point and see who is definitely coming or not. Activities can range from a number of different things. If you’re the relaxing type then maybe you want to arrange a book club, or a drink up at the pub or even a picnic in the park. But if you are the active type then you could perhaps arrange for someone to join you at the gym or go for a morning run. Regardless, Pal makes it possible for you to meet new friends with similar interest.

You can definitely extend your friend network easy. So, if your current friends have no time for you then get some new ones.

In my area there are a lot of elder people that require help and someone to talk with. Pal is perfect to get them together so they have a sense of belonging. You can arrange meet ups and coffee time. The good thing about the app is that you can only talk with people who have joined your activity. That deters people that’s just out there to get a date or use the app for the wrong reason.

Pal is a free app, everything is free, no joining up fees or anything like that. It’s available on iOS and Android. Get going and get yourself meeting some new people.

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