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Action Game of the Week - SKYSHIP HERO

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Last week we introduced SKYSHIP HERO, a 2D retro shooter for Android. Since it is one of the most fun and addictive action shooters, we decided to make it our Action Game of the Week, read more why this is an amazing game.

What is this game about?

This action shooting game is developed on android platform as one easy to play and yet highly addictive and challenging game that offers players flying and shooting gameplay. On the game, players will enjoy the great HD graphics and the charming music and sounds while using intuitive and simple controls. The player can become the hero just by flying and shooting the enemy blocking him on his way, taking him down and winning the war. Full of excitement and challenges, the game is all about the action, keeping players addicted to playing every time.

Why do we choose SKYSHIP HERO?

SKYSHIP HERO and the features offered for the players will get players addicted to playing fast and keep them interested just by challenging them and testing their skills. The players can become the hero of this game just with flying by airship or sky-ship while shooting the enemies blocking them. The player’s ship is a battle ship which goes in war against the battleship of the enemy. The airship can be controlled by the player using the virtual pad for going up and down with it. The player just needs to tap on the enemy to aim it and shoot him or he can use a bomb to blast it and shoot his enemy up. With various level designs like the ocean, the sky and the space, the game is accessible to both beginners as hard-core shooter addicts too. The game rules are simple but yet very challenging, offering the players multiple extreme boss battles and 8 different bosses with rich attack patterns as well. Minutes of excitement and fun are offered for players and more than that the game is packed with 7 levels of endless fun and action, challenges of shooting and battling enemies while flying and winning the battle.

Download this game on Google Play now for free to fly and shoot the enemies to take them down!

Google Play Download Link: SKYSHIP HERO


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