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Android Game of the Week – TapTap Boom

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

TapTap Boom is an irresistible arcade game that we’ve reviewed last week. Due to its uniqueness, super-fun gameplay and amazingly cute characters, we pronounce it as our Android Game of the Week. Read more why.

What is TapTap Boom?

If you’re interested in some hot arcade gaming we gladly recommend the TapTap Boom, an epic tap-hop-go up arcade game with adorable heroes/characters, mesmerizing graphics and challenging obstacles to conquer. With its blazing audio-visual effects it is sure to glue you to your phone for hours.

Fly and go up, avoid obstacles

Your mission in TapTap Boom is to collect stars as much as possible by getting through all the obstacles in the game such as the frozen ice-cubes, lush forests, dreamy underwater, and the outer space. Tap to shoot from cannon to cannon and carefully avoid pitfalls and danger to stay alive. From our experience, we can advise you to not stay in one cannon too long because you may burn, die and lose the game. Overcome all the checkpoints and make the final tap for your grand victory.

Free for download

Download TapTap Boom on your Android and enjoy it for free. A network connection is required, but it worth for the fun! Let’s play now!

Google Play Download Link: TapTap Boom


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