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iOS App of the Week - Digest Aware

Monday, September 17, 2018

Take your nutrient tracking to the next level, optimize your overall health and learn how to make good food choices with our pick for iOS App of the Week. Digest Aware is a helpful guide that will come in hand to any user that wants to improve digestion, to properly combine healthy meals and to reserve energy. With tons of great features and user-friendly interface, this app will keep you healthy for sure!

What Is Digest Aware?

If you ever get heartburns, feel gassy and bloated, this means that something in your diet is not working out well. Digest Aware is an app that is made to maintain your health or even cure something in your body that may lead to a serious disease. Often, we consume foods that are highly acidic which misbalances the pH level in our bodies – that can easily lead to irritable bowel disorders, arthritis or even cancer. In order to avoid this, Digest Aware is here to help you make better food choices and enjoy your food.

Why Do We Like It?

Digest Aware is going to help you measure your food intake as well as the acidic or alkaline pH - measured with a unit (Potential Renal Acid Load). Digest Aware will measure the PRAL value of every food you enter. Recommended PRAL values of your daily food intake should be around -35 and -15. The key to this feature is that you eat less acidic and more alkaline foods.

Digest Aware also helps you put together meals so that your stomach can digest them much easier. Some foods need different enzymes in order to digest and when you combine the wrong foods; your body produces toxins which lead to energy waste. Digest Aware grades your meals with “GOOD”, “FAIR”, “POOR” and “BAD”. It will help you save your energy!

Of course it takes much discipline and control to put together your foods which can take a lot of time. That’s why Digest Aware will help you combine the right foods at a meal. For example, eating six different foods separately at a meal, create layers in the stomach which need different enzymes in order to be digested without affecting each other. As every layer is digested it automatically gives space for the next layer and the stomach size gets more comfortable and it digests the next layer more easily. This is why it is not recommended to eat six different foods in a single meal.

Download Digest Aware now and start making better lifestyle choices!

App Store Download Link: Digest Aware

Official Website: Digest Aware


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