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Puzzle Game of the Month - Xcube Master

Friday, October 5, 2018

If you’re like us, huge puzzle game lovers, then you know how hard it is to find a good puzzle game these days. Well, you’re fortunate because we already found an awesome puzzler that we would like to share with you today, as a Puzzle Game of the Month. The name of this game is Xcube Master, now available for both iOS and Android users. Let’s see what the game is all about and why do we like it so much!

What is Xcube Master?

Xcube Master is a highly innovative 3D cube puzzle game, full of fun features and awesome design. It is both entertaining and brain-challenging, suitable for players of all ages. So if you want to enjoy a totally new puzzling experience on your device, anywhere and anytime, this is a great choice for you. In addition, the graphics are colorful and upbeat, and the controls super-smooth.

How to Play?

With a challenging gameplay, the Xcube Master game will certainly tease your brain and make you think. The main goal is destroy lines of different shapes. There is a fully rotatable 3D cube that you need to rotate in order to place the different shaped puzzle blocks at the appropriate places to create a line and destroy it. As you can see, this is a unique take on the classic cube games. Create and clear as many lines as possible to earn the highest scores. Compete against other worldwide players with the Multiplayer option, play in leagues and see if you can be the number 1 player. Use powerful power-ups for help in your gameplay, collect points and diamonds and unlock new features. Customize the whole theme of your game by picking from various options and win cool rewards each day.

With these, and a lot more awesome features, Xcube Master can be downloaded for free from the App Store and from Google Play.

App Store Download Link: Xcube Master

Google Play Download Link: Xcube Master

Official Website: Xcube Master


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