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Role-Playing Game of the Week - Coin Princess

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Today we’re sharing with you an amazing retro-styled game for both Android and iOS devices, called Coin Princess. Coin Princess is pleasing for players of all ages, bringing hours of fun to your fingertips. The gameplay is all about helping the princess and getting revenge on the devil. Do you have what it takes to save her? Keep reading to see if you can master it and why did we make it a Role-Playing Game of the Week.

What is Coin Princess?

The Coin Princess game is specially created as one interesting and addictive retro RPG game which offers each player a chance to have fun playing while enjoying the nostalgic graphics and sounds as well for the gorgeous retro aesthetics. Developed for iOS and Android users, this role-playing game offers dramatic story and ending that will please the eyes and ears of each player. The players need to save the princess from the Devil and use the knights in order to defeat the devil and help the princess get her revenge.

Standout Features

This retro RPG game provides the players various features to enjoy the game each time they play, getting them addicted to playing fast. In this game, the player needs to save the Princess which is trapped in the Devil’s castle by the Devil, using the knights to help her escape the dungeon and help her get revenge by defeating the devil. The game has to offer a wide variety of knights that need to break through the army of the devil and completely dominate the dungeon in order to defeat the devil and save the Coin Princess.

To progress through levels, each player needs to collect the coins on his way. To test the player’s skills the game offers different stages and variety of enemies for the player to defeat. The player’s coins need to be saved so he can level up and get more knights just by using the gems and coins. With leveling up of the Coin Princess, the player will collect the gems. Players must save the princess and defeat the devil in order to collect the gems and coins needed for their high scores.

Download it now for free on Google Play and App Store and use the knights to save the princess!

App Store Download Link: Coin Princess

Google Play Download Link: Coin Princess


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