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Casual Game of the Week - Jumpy Petz

Monday, November 5, 2018

If you’re looking for a casual game for your Android that you can play anywhere and anytime, we’ve got a great recommendation today. We’re going to be talking about a game called Jumpy Petz, an endless jumper for all ages. Created with awesome design and unique gameplay, this game is our pick for a Casual Game of the Week. Keep reading to find out everything about it!

What is this game about?

This endless jumper game is very easy for playing, fun and addictive, testing the player’s fast reflexes as he tries to jump as long as he can. With colorful and cute graphics and very entertaining sounds, the game is developed on android platform, getting each player hooked to playing fast. Players will have their chance to test their tap skills as they tap to jump and reach the next tile of their colored pet before they run out of time. With limited time, players need to think fast to get far and earn their scores. 

Why do we choose Jumpy Petz?

Jumpy Petz for the players has to offer various features that will get them addicted to this game fast and keep their attention with the exciting fast tap gameplay that will challenge their skills. On this jump game, the player needs to think and act fast, tapping to jump as fast as he can to reach the next tile of his colored pet. When the player reaches a tile, the color of his pet changes and he needs to be fast to reach the next tile before the time runs out. Testing the lighting fast tap reflexes with the game, each player will also enjoy the colorful rainbow and clouds. No matter of the color of the rainbow tiles, the player can jump them and with that will earn 3 x amounts of the coins available.

With collecting the earned coins, the player can use them to unlock other petz from the store and each of the pets has its own unique appearance and change of color.  For getting high scores, the player needs to jump and act fast as he can and collect as many coins as possible. Each player is able to even challenge his friends to play and see which one of them will earn the title of the best jumper with the highest scores.  

Download this game now on Google Play for free to jump as fast as you can and reach the highest scores!

Google Play Download Link: Jumpy Petz


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