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Business App of the Week – Boomer

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Whether you want to create beautiful websites in minutes, right from your smartphone, or to drive more traffic and engage more people to your website, you should definitely check out our recommendation for a Business App of the Week. The app is called Boomer, a feature-rich and intuitively designed tool that can help your business grow!

What is Boomer?

Boomer is a website building tool that is developed for both Android and iOS users that like to handle the marketing of their business online from their phones, building a responsive and modern website in just a few minutes, fast. The app is extremely easy to use and allows users to create an online presence of their offline business in real time and manage the website easily. Simply download the app, choose the theme and publish the website. The user can customize the website as he likes.

Standout Features

This website building tool is not requiring any technical or coding skills of the users and it’s very to use. Full drive test of the app can be tried from a user with a free trial. Responsive, modern and professional themes are offered and the users can customize the logos, colors, fonts, cover photos and more as they prefer. The themes are fast and lightweight and the content can be updated from their phones in real time. Sharing content can be done to multiple social networks and the live chat feature is offered for users to respond to their customers within the app.

For updating content, additional managers can be added. All websites and search engine optimized. To create content, help videos are available and the user can create and publish offers to his social accounts and website in real time. Various options are available for payment gateways, logistic, analytics, and other service providers. Creating and sharing invoices is easily done via SMS, WhatsApp, email and other.

Download it now for a free trial on Google Play and App Store to create and manage your website in real time!

App Store Download Link: Boomer

Google Play Download Link: Boomer


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