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Puzzle Game of the Week - logi.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Tease your brain and enjoy hours of addictive fun with our top pick for a Puzzle Game of the Week! Meet logi., one of the best games we’ve played in a while. This puzzler is perfect for all age groups, bringing elegant design and mind-challenging gameplay directly to your fingertips. Learn how to play from our review below and try it right away for free.

What is logi. all about?

logi. is developed for Android and iOS players that would like to challenge their brain with an elegant, relaxing and inspiring mind game that will test their strategy and puzzle skills and push the limits of their logic with its gameplay. Combining logic, reflection, and bounce, and all that in handcrafted levels with minimal design and relaxing music, players will get hooked to the game fast. Help logi reach its goal and get to the end to progress and sharpen your mind and logical thinking.

Gameplay & Features

With the features offered on the game, you will get addicted to playing and puzzling fast. The goal you need complete on the game is to reach the end of the level by rotating the mechanisms using your finger in order to let logi get to his goal. With progressing on the game, each new puzzle is crunchier than the one before and the mazes are becoming bigger and wilder with the new mechanisms added. The game has no timers, no scores, no texts, and no distractions and the players just need to think logically to create the best strategy for solving the puzzle.

To test your skills, you are offered 75 challenging levels where you need to plan your strategy and rotate the objects to make them move and meet to reach the goal and solve the mind boggling puzzles. Draw the route and let the ball reach its goal by thinking a few steps ahead to solve the minimalist and intelligence line puzzles in the ball bouncing game.

Download it for free on Google Play and App Store to draw your route and let the ball reach its goal!

App Store Download Link: logi.

Google Play Download Link: logi.


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