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Strategy Game of the Month – Scrap'Em

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Strategy games can be quite exciting to play and at the same time quite challenging, pushing your brain to its limits to think of the best strategy in order to destroy the enemy and protect yourself. Scrap’ Em is incredibly fun to play a strategy game that will test your strategy and defense skills as you try to stop the alien invasion. Because of all its features offered and its interesting gameplay, we choose it as ours Strategy Game of the Month.

What is Scrap'Em?

Scrap’ Em is developed for Android and iOS users, for all lovers of strategy games. You will get to push your strategy skills to its limits as you try to protect your safe house from the alien invasion. The gorgeous sharp graphics and the exciting sounds will make the game even more interesting while you try to build your defense, think strategically in order to protect your safe house and use your vehicles to move around the map and find the aliens in order to run them over before they get to you.

Scrap’ Em Highlights

On the game you begin at your safe house, positioned at the center of the map and by deploying and fortifying the towers, driving your truck across the map, you need to protect it. With a tap on the screen, you can drag towers on the map to place them around the citadel and send your truck to the problem areas of the map. Towers like baseball towers to knock out the aliens, gum towers to stop the aliens in their tracks, or mortar towers to blow the aliens off the map can build and all of them can be upgraded as well. Set fences as well to control the flow of aliens around the whole map. 

Use your vehicles to smash the aliens, starting with the truck and work your way up to another vehicle. Various power-ups are offered so you can clear a map, repair a car, get a motorcycle that drives itself around the map shooting aliens, and getting an energy wave that clears the map or a healing power-up to heal the safe house or defenses. Forest, ice and desert maps are available so you can work your way across as well for an endless mode to challenge you even more and see how far you can get before the alien's invasion.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store for free to defend your towers and smash aliens with your car!

App Store Download Link: Scrap 'Em

Google Play Download Link: Scrap 'Em


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