Monday, March 11, 2019

Card Game of the Week – The Sequence

Card games are one of the most popular games played long before since the development of smartphones. Nowadays, tons of card games are available for our smartphones which makes the search for the best card game quite hard. The Sequence is one fun to play and exciting yet challenging card game that requires from you to restore the sequence and bring the world’s order back. We liked this game so much, we pronounce it our Card Game of the Week.

What is The Sequence?

For lovers of card games, this incredibly exciting and fun sequence card game will challenge your skills as well for your luck as you try to protect the world’s order. Easy to play, the game offers amazing graphics and sound effects and all that with multi-language support. Developed on the Android platform, the game requires you to restore the sequence to restore the order. You need to plan your steps carefully to win each round of the game, bringing the order back and winning against the chaos to save the world.

How to play?

The Sequence offers card lovers various features and addictive gameplay that will keep you interested in the game each time you play it. The player’s task in the card game is to try and complete the sequence to restore the order of the world. Test your luck and challenge your skills with different game modes to choose from like the pyramid, single, flush and alternate mode. The ultimate goal is to restore the sequence and because of that, the player needs to draw a card, press that card with one of his cards to swap it and keep swapping until needed.

The cards you don’t need can be put in the trash and you can even hide cards from opponents so they can’t steal them. Get coins for your achievements as you play and complete each round of the game and try to collect as many coins as you can. Gather new powers that can help you through the game and watch out for the blocker that try to prevent you from completing the task. Restore the order back by completing the sequence.

Download this game for free now on Google Play to test your luck and bring the world’s order back!

Google Play Download Link: The Sequence