Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Challenge Your Cognitive & Basic Math Abilities - Word-X

If you’re a sucker for words (and of course you are), there’s a whole host of absolutely fun games to play on your phone. Beyond kid’s games, there are so many challenging word game apps out there that are meant for adults to play (and play again). If you like to test your knowledge or even test yourself playing against others, we searched and discovered one amazing combination of word and math game to sharpen your abilities with a variety of word challenges. Let’s see what the game is all about.

What is Word-X all about?

Word-X is an ultra-premium revolutionary combination of a math and word game that is developed for both Android and iOS users. Easy to play, fun, dynamic and innovative, this game will challenge your mind, putting on test your cognitive abilities and basic math ability. The game is playable in 5 different languages, offering variety challenges and levels to choose from as well the chance for the player to execute words playing solo to challenge himself or to compete against players from the globe.  

How to play Word-X?

To get you interested in playing and keep your attention, the game offers amazing features and exciting gameplay. In the game are incorporated 5 different languages like Italian, French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Players will get to experience the ultimate gaming and choose to test their skills against the game or against other players. Just by creating an account, the player needs to choose the opponent and the challenge he likes to test himself in.

Players can choose to play online, in tournaments or solo.  Start the challenge by choosing the level, trying to execute as many words as you can before your limited time runs out. To help you when you are stuck, there are hints you can use and for each executed word you will win coins. The coins you’ve collected you can use to unlock new levels. Points are awarded based on the word difficulty and the swag level as well for adding or subtracting the letters. Win your scores by putting your skills on the test to rank high on the global leader-board.

Download it now for free on Google Play and App Store to challenge your cognitive and basic math abilities!

Official Website: Word-X

App Store Download Link: Word-X

Google Play Download Link: Word-X