Monday, March 18, 2019

Cross-Platform App of the Week – Stop Gap Dental

Nowadays, job search apps are a great choice if you are looking for the right job or personnel without wasting much of your time. Stop Gap Dental is the perfect platform for the dental industry, allowing both individuals and dental offices to engage with others, easily discovering dental jobs and personnel directly on their phones. Because we liked this app so much, we decided to be our Cross-Platform App of the Week.

What is Stop Gap Dental?

Stop Gap Dental is an easy to use, simple and yet convenient problem-solving business platform for the dental industry. It is designed to save time and effort, finding immediate temporary and future vacancies. With the help of this dental job search app for Android and iOS users, you can easily find dental personnel or dental jobs, directly from your phone. Stop Gap Dental provides both dental offices and individuals to fully engage with each other, directly, connecting and communicating. 

App Highlights

To shine, just create your profile. Users need to share their experience, set their rate and select their skills, specialization, and services offered to find the best matches for them. The photo can be added from the user or the office, an introductory video also so others can learn more about the office or the user and what is offered. Dental personnel can be found easily by setting the availability. Individuals looking for temp jobs and office by adding future or recurring availability can plan in advance or by toggling ON can let people now they have immediate staffing emergency or became available in the last minute.

Dental jobs can be found by sending bids for available jobs and temps can be found by sending requests. Users need to tap the job to navigate to the office easily, start and complete the job, submit the hours and get paid directly from the app and when that is finished, add the review to build your profile up. On the app are not required cost memberships or fees. The customizable map shows available dental personnel and temp jobs and users can search by keywords, using in-app communication. Receive notifications for available jobs and amazing temps, updates, reminders and special requests.

Download it for free on Google Play and App Store to find available dental jobs or dental personnel!

Official Website: Stop Gap Dental

App Store Download Link: Stop Gap Dental

Google Play Download Link: Stop Gap Dental