Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Health App of the Week – Ginger-U

Birth control apps are becoming more and more popular among women that are on the pill. This type of apps can help you take the pill effectively and stay on track with it at all times. Ginger-U is the most amazing intuitive birth control app for using the pill effectively and keeping track of your adherence with reminders and information to get the support you need. We liked the app so much, we decided to be our Health App of the Week.

What is Ginger-U all about?

Ginger-U is developed for both Android and iOS users, specially designed for women on birth control that need their own personal assistant in order to take and use the pill effectively. Very intuitive and easy for using, this birth control reminder and tracker notifies women on the pill to take it and tells them what to do in case they forget to take the pill. Using your email address you can sign up on the app and by entering the needed details you can stay on track with the pill and your adherence.

Standout Features

To stay on track with the pill and your adherence, this health assistant offers you efficient features to do that. In the app’s daily diary you can enter your logs and answer questions about your mood, the last time you had intercourse, your protection, your symptoms and much more. This pill reminder and tracker will provide you with details about the pill you take, the health benefits and the side effects of it. Keep track with your adherence and get the details you need about the pill you take and all the days you take it on time and the days you did not take it on time.

Women on the app are provided with extensive information that will assist them in case they have an adherence lapse, missing a pill or more because the app is designed to drive adherence. Track the side effects, follow your cycle and get the needed support like a doctor or reminder buddy within your own personal assistant. Automate your refills if you want and share the data with your provider easily.

Download it now on Google Play and App Store for free to effectively take and use your birth control pills!

App Store Download Link: Ginger-U

Google Play Download Link: Ginger-U

Official Website: Ginger-U