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Shopping App of the Week – Serinbo

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Shopping apps can definitely make our daily lives easier, saving a lot of our time and money. There are shopping apps created to help both buyers and sellers. Serinbo is a unique shopping app that makes it simpler and faster for buyers to find items they look to buy and for sellers to offer their own matching items to buyers that look for them. Because of all that the app offers, we pronounced it our Shopping App of the Week.

What is Serinbo all about?

Serinbo is developed for iOS users, designed for both buyers and sellers that look for a new simple way to connect and interact with each other. Directly on your phone, this easy to use unique buy and sell an app with its user-friendly interface offers you the chance to find and buy items you need easily or to even sell your own matching items to buyers in need. Save time and effort, connecting and chatting with buyers and sellers in one place, instantly discovering and selling items.

Serinbo’s Standout Features
The features offered on the app are allowing buyers to post items they look for and other users can help them to find the item they want by linking them to a specific page that offers what they look to buy. As well, sellers can use the app to directly offer up their own matching items to buyers. The app offers multiple categories for users to buy and sell such as accessories, clothing, cars mobile phones, food, entertainment and others.

If you add a post for something you look to buy, the sellers can send you an offer for the same item they sell. The buyer will get notifications when a seller offers them an item they look to buy and the seller gets notifications when buyers look for something they have to offer. On the app, both sellers and buyers can connect on the app’s chat to interact, buy and sell items. With the app’s help, items can be sold and bought, instantly, directly on your phone.

 Download it for free now on App Store to post items you look to buy or sell matching items to others!

App Store Download Link: Serinbo


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