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News App of the Week – LeKaloum News

Sunday, June 2, 2019

News apps are quite popular among users that like to stay informed and keep up with the latest news without spending a lot of time looking for the ones they are interested in. LeKaloum News is an incredible news app that offers 24/7 news on Guinea, Conakry, Guinean cities and Africa, in one place, selected just for you, the best media info you want. We liked this app so much, we pronounced it as our News App of the Week.

What is LeKaloum News?

This online news app is quite easy to use and offers a clean user-friendly interface, and it’s developed on the Android platform. With this app, you get the best media info you want, just for you in one place. All the news on Guinea, Conakry, Guinean cities and Africa directly on your phone. The app offers 24/7 political, economic, sports, cultural and Guinean news from abroad and it collects all the news you want to read so you save time searching for news you are interested to keep up with. 

LeKaloum News Highlights

LeKaloum News with its features will keep users constantly updated with the news they want to read. With this app, users will stay informed about topics and channels they follow, with news sites like Guineenews, Guinea360, and Aminata. Users can also edit what they follow and delete topics and channels they are no longer interested in. By writing a few keywords in the search box, the app offers users to analyze the channels and topics to find what the users look for.

Articles can be saved for later in convenient lists and users can even view them offline. A wide selection of topics can be explored from different sources like major news organizations and independent publications. The user can choose the ones he likes to follow and get the news he wants. Last minute notifications from some of the most trusted sources are given and the user can also easily control his notification preference so that he is only informed about the topics that interest him the most.

Download this news app now on Google Play for free to get all the best media info, selected just for you!

Official Website: LeKaloum News

Google Play Download Link: LeKaloum News


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