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Calendar & Scheduling App of the Week – Make My Plan

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Make My Plan was recently reviewed by Intellectuapp and launched on Google Play. This advanced planner app impressed us from the very first moment, so after thorough review, we decided to give it another appraisal, this time as our Calendar & Scheduling App of the Week. Read more about how you can make use of it.

Basic Introduction

This incredibly interesting, easy to use and super user-friendly planner app is developed for Android platform. It is specifically handy for all users tired of spending much time making plans with their loved ones. With this planner, users are able to make plans for their day with ease. Plan anything you like to, from parties and games to visits and trips and invite friends to join or you join their plans. Manage plans as you like, have fun and get paid when someone cancels your plans.

Great set of handy personal, social and group planning features

Make My Plan will save you time and effort from calling people and making arrangements with them. All you need to do on the app is to create your plan and invite friends to join you. If you don’t have plans, join plans of others, using your feed and search option to find plans to join. The app offers a very important feature, the cancel proof plan that offers you the get paid when a friend regularly cancels your plans. Enable this feature and anyone who cancels your plans will pay a penalty. Different types of penalties are available on the app.

Within Make My Day planner you are also able to view how much you’ve earned or lost or how much money you’ll get from whom. The completed, ongoing and upcoming plans can be viewed and managed and you can manage multiple plans also with simple UI and you can create plan timeline to keep track. Explore places, manage earned money and connect with members of your plan on a group chat.

Add your friends, remove friends and delete plans of your choice. Use the activity log to keep track and even get notifications for important events. Your privacy settings can be managed by your preference.

Download this app for free on Google Play to make plans and get paid when someone cancels on you!

Google Play Download Link: Make My Plan


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