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Action Game of the Week – Street boys

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Street boys was covered by Intellectuapp last week. This casual action jumper impressed us with its cool gameplay, fun challenge, characters and environments. Since we think it can really offer hours of fun gameplay and originally entertain you, we pronounce it as our Action Game of the Week. Read more why.

Street boys – Intro

At its core, Street boys is a simple block stacking jumper. It is focused around Street boys characters who need to jump on stacking blocks which are constantly coming. Each successful stack and jump gives you a point. You need to go as high and as long as possible without letting the blocks take you down.

Fun extra characters and levels

The game is based on a high score system. However, as you achieve high scores, Street boys will enable you to open new levels, environments and unlock new characters. While you may think it’s hard 3k+ points to unlock the second level, don’t be confused! Try to stack the blocks precisely on top of each other and you will earn bonus points. This will get you faster to these high scores.
Another thing we liked about Street boys was the cool retro ambience and sound effects. This completes a whole package of quality gaming parameters. That’s why we can recommend Street boys for you to try out and have fun. You can get it from Google Play for free.
 Google Play Download Link: Street boys

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