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Utility of the Week – Off-Remote Computer Shutdown

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Off was recently covered by the team of Intellectuapp. Since it is one of the best remote control apps for shutdown and restart of computers, we decided to give it another appraisal – this time as our Utility of the Week. Read more why.

Control your computer with a single tap
Off-Remote Computer Shutdown app allows you to shut down, restart, sleep hibernate or even wake up your computer from anywhere with just one click. Works with Wi-Fi. It will automatically scan your local network to find available hosts.

With this app you can also carry out a bulk shutdown, bulk restarts remotely for selected computers. You just need to install this app on the computers you want to turn off. Here you can get the desktop app versions which are needed to use the app.

Be smart, save energy and money

Off Remote Computer Shutdown comes in handy when you want to cut down on your electrical bill. It will save you money from those power-hungry machines.

Now you will be able to shut down or restart or hibernate or log off your PC remotely with your Mobile, using this App! So, why wait any longer? Download it right away.

App Store Download Link: Off-Remote Computer Shutdown

Google Play Download Link: Off-Remote Computer Shutdown

Apple Watch Download Link: Off-Remote Computer Shutdown

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