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Social App of the Week – Birthday Reminder

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Birthday Reminder was reviewed by the team of Intellectuapp last week. Because it impressed us with its usability and great set of features, we decided to make this social reminder and organizer our Social App of the Week, read more why.

A Birthday Reminder app

That’s why today we will cover an interesting social app called Birthday Reminder which will release you from the worries of missing the important birthday date or other days with great significance like anniversaries or important holidays. Using and advanced set of features, the app will help you to never miss or forget the birthday dates of your close friends, family members or maybe your respectable colleagues.

Reminders, Cards, Special Events & More

You can set all the dates as a reminder notification or you can check them anytime you want in the integrated calendar. What’s great about this birthday alarm app is that you can even set the reminder notification few days before so you can have time to organize for the birthday present or surprise party.

Using Birthday Reminder will definitely make you first on the list of birthday wishes and giving that kind of attention is sure to make you a more respectable person in every aspect. There are also greeting cards in many different categories that can be used to celebrate other significant days such as Halloween, Thanksgiving Day and 4th of July - American Independence Day, etc. We were actually surprised by the variety of cards.

If Birthday Reminder looks like a useful app, then visit the Play Store link where you can download it for free and start making a difference in your social life!

Google Play Download Link: Birthday Reminder


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