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Word Search 2020 - Where is My Soup? Is a New Fun Word Puzzler

Monday, November 25, 2019

You see, messing around with words and letters tickles a different part of the brain than your usual spatial and logical conundrums. It's as much about your vocabulary and your spelling skills. Which is why word games deserve their own spell in the spotlight. That’s why in today’s article we want to introduce you to the fresh Where is My Soup? for all of you fans of this genre of mobile games.  

What is Where is My Soup?

Where is My Soup is a puzzle word search game that includes time attack and in which the player needs to find the words by swiping before the times goes out. It’s a challenging game for the brain and it will test your mental capabilities like focus and fast thinking.

Why We Loved It?

Word Search 2020 – Where is My Soup? Is vibrant, fun and challenging. It has that ambient and gameplay that could also easily glue you to your Android device. What you can notice on a first try are the high-quality graphics and the colorful style which are fun visualizing effects for the gameplay.

There are two versions or languages to choose the word types: English or Spanish. As game assistance are the hints button when you get stuck. There is also roulette wheel for daily prizes, possibilities to unlock new stages by collecting rubies etc. The challenge is to beat the timer and complete levels with all languages.

However, note that the game can get complicated since the letters are moving and they are of the same color, so it can be hard to notice words.

More information about Word Search 2020 you can read on Play Store where you can also download for free.

Google Play Download Link: Word Search 2020


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