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Block Puzzle Jewel – Relaxing Puzzle Game to Improve Focus and Memory

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Lovers of puzzle games out there know that sometimes it can be difficult to choose a puzzle game to play on the go, that you will enjoy and at the same time will test your skills and sharpen your brain while helping you improve your focus, memory, and mindset. Because of that, we are offering you Block Puzzle Jewel, the fun and relaxing puzzle game with many benefits. 

What is Block Puzzle Jewel?
Block Puzzle Jewel is a puzzle game developed on the Android platform for all puzzle lovers that like to unwind and have fun with a block puzzle gameplay. Easy to play with quality design and cool sound effects, the block puzzle game can be played anytime and anywhere, without any rush you can chill while sharpening your puzzle skills.

Why Do We Love It?
Not only this puzzle game is fun and relaxing to play but also it can be beneficial for adults and older people that like to improve their mental health, thought process, focus, mood, delaying dementia and Alzheimer’s, increasing their IQ and relieving stress while improving their mindset. Block Puzzle Jewel offers an improved game feeling with various enhanced game modes. 
You can play the classic mode with the simple feeling of block puzzle, the timed mode to challenge your skills a bit or the bomb mode which is fun but also very tricky if the first 2 modes are too easy for you. 
Download the game on Google Play for FREE to relax and try to solve the block puzzles!
Google Play Download Link: Block Puzzle Jewel


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