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Word Game of the Month - Crosswords Road

Monday, February 10, 2020

We discussed about Crosswords Road here as the crossword puzzle game for all puzzle and word lovers that like to put their brain to work and improve their vocabulary. Because this game is so fun, challenging and addictive to play, we are pronouncing as our Word Game of the Month. 

General Intro 
For all lovers of words and puzzles, Crosswords Road is the crossword puzzle game offering to entertain you while challenging and training your brain and vocabulary. Developed for both Android and IOS users, this is a combination of word searching, word link and crossword games with great graphics, sounds and easy to play addictive word puzzle gameplay.  

Dynamic Levels, Boosters, and Gold 
Hundreds of dynamic levels can be experienced in this crossword puzzle game that will put your brain and vocabulary on tests with tons of word challenges. To link the letters all you need to do is to swipe your finger on the screen so you can create the words. Complete each crossword by finding all the required words and if you get stuck and need help you can use the boosters such as the hammer and the lightbulb to give you letter hints. 
For each correct word, you get coins that can be used for unlocking more gold and boosters. Each time you make a wrong word link, you lose a life so you need to be careful not to lose the game. When a word is linked correctly at the bottom of the game a definition of the word appears so you can enhance your vocabulary while playing and having fun.
Download it on App Store and Google Play to link letters and find words to solve the puzzles!
Official Website: Crosswords Road
App Store Download Link: Crosswords Road
Google Play Download Link: Crosswords Road

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