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YoYo Kidz – Safe and Private Video Chat for Kids

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Video chatting is about as easy as it can possible get these days. You can do it on all your devices. But what about a video chat that is secure and safe for you to allow your kids to use and that allows you to stay in contact with them at all times. No worries, we looked and found YoYo Kidz, the safe and private video chat for kids and their families. Read to learn more.

What is YoYo Kidz?
YoYo Kids is a secure, safe, and private video chat for kids soon available for IOS and Android users. Designed especially for kids’ ages 3 to 7 to chat with their parents, family members and friends. Super easy to use and very user-friendly, this video chat app allows kids to stay connected with their parents at all times and keep in touch with their friends.
, grandparents, and friends!
Why Do We Love It?
Variety of features designed for both kids and parents are offered on YoYo Kidz. Parents are in full control of who their kids can talk to and the privacy is automatically built in within this video chat. The kids’ safety, security and privacy is taken very seriously on this chat. 
Communication with strangers is not possible, all the communications on this chat need to be authorized by the parents. If needed, parents can monitor their kids’ communication with other people. The app’s data is always securely transferred using the bank-level 256-bit SLL encryption. Soon available for IOS and Android.

For more information about the app visit the official website of YoYo Kidz.
Official Website: YoYo Kidz


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