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App of the Day – Friends

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


What is Friends?

Friends is a completely private social network that focuses on enabling you to post photos and thoughts, grow your social connections as well as make use of global regular and video calling features. The app also enables you to shop from variety of retailers and thus save time and money. If you are in search for a new social app that will not use or sell your private data to advertisers, Friends is a must-try. 

Why we loved it?
* Write, share, like, and comment on posts
* Keep a timeline
* Send friend requests and connect
* Share the best moments through videos and photos
* Connect using chat, video, and audio calls
* Share your memories in the photo gallery
* Call anyone around the world, whether mobile or landline
* In "My Balance", keep a track and manage of all the Global Calling Subscriptions, Pay
As You Go Credit, Group Calls, and Ads
* Invite friends and share contacts with other social media
* Create events & pages
* Visit the Mall and buy all of your favorite items
* Create a wish list and save any items you want from the Mall
* Promote a post or page
* Ads Center: Sponsor and manage any ads that you have created or want to create

Uniqueness: High
Usability: High
Potential of going viral: High

Average rating: 4.8
Compatibility: Android 5.0 and Up
Developer: iSoft Land, Inc
Google Play Download Link: Friends


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