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Sports Game of the Week – Parkour Jumping Race

Monday, June 22, 2020

Parkour Jumping Race was reviewed here a couple of days ago as the thrilling jump game that will put your skills on test and push your limits as you try to run and jump to overcome the obstacles and trap on the way to win the race. Because we really enjoyed this game, we decided to be our Sports Game of the Week.

Basic Introduction
This parkour jump game will put your running and jumping skills on the test as you try to overcome obstacles and win the first place in the race. Developed on both IOS and Android platform, the game offers simple and responsive obstacle course game layout, appealing game design and interactive sound for a thrilling parkour gaming. Overcome the obstacles and complete the intense parkour run.  

Gameplay, Competitions, and More
Parkour Jumping Race will push your limits and polish your jumping and running skills in a variety of abrupt challenging, obstacles, traps and multiple players you get to compete against. To play just swipe, running and jumping to overcome the traps and obstacles, swiping left and right to change the direction.

Enjoy the intense automatic roof jumping and wall climbing and compete against others in the race to win the first position. For winning the first place in the race you get the game bonus. Change your parkour outfit, the trail color and enjoy big loots. View your game progress and your position in the game. Don’t lose the level by falling, try to jump and run to get ahead the position and become the ultimate racer of the game.

Download it on App Store and Google Play to run, jump, and overcome obstacles!
Official Website: Parkour Jumping Race
App Store Download Link: Parkour Jumping Race
Google Play Download Link: Parkour Jumping Race


Sports Game of the Week - Parkour Jump Race

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