Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Levitate and Walk with the Action – Bacydar

If you are a fan of car driving games then you probably know that there are thousands of these games available for your smartphone. This can make it hard for you to pick a unique thrilling car driving game to enjoy on the go. We discovered one levitating car game with obstacles and gravitational forces in it to charm your senses. Read and learn more about it.


Basic Introduction

This is a levitating car game that is super addictive and exciting to play with simple on-screen controls gorgeous graphics, design and sound effects all set in a mysterious world you get to explore. Developed on the IOS platform, the game offers a thrilling levitating driving experience, pushing your skills to its limits as you levitate with your truck while the obstacles and gravitational forces charm your senses.


Features of Bacydar 

Bacydar has to offer you an augmented reality circuit which is explored from variety of different angles and in loops. With this driving game you will get the chance to drive and walk with the action but in the same time you need to watch out of the obstacles and gravitation forces on your way that will test your skills as you levitate. 

Cool AI machine agents are on your way that try to push you down the way and many obstacles are designed to try and break the windows of your truck. Be careful not to allow your windows to be break and avoid the agents on your way. No data collection or ads to bother you and no need to create an account to play. This is an indie game that plays with the forces and currently is working on iPhone X or up.

Download it on App Store to levitate with your truck and walk with the action!

App Store Download Link: Bacydar