Saturday, August 1, 2020

Action Game of the Week - Deep Sea Survivor

Deep Sea Survivor was reviewed here a couple of days ago as the pixel art game that will put your skills on the test with the thrilling sea quest where you need to survive in the deep sea as long as possible. We really liked this game and all offered on it so we are pronouncing it as our Action Game of the Week.


What is Deep Sea Survivor?

Deep Sea Survivor is a thrilling pixel art game that is developed for Android users, easy and fun to play but also challenging enough to put your skills on the test. With stunning sharp graphics and cool sound effects, the game is set in the deep sea. With simple on-screen controls for you to move your character and enjoy the exciting sea quest.


Why Do We Love It?

This pixel art game has variety of features to offer and an exciting gameplay that will hook you to playing on your first try.  All you need to do is download the game, select a gender and an outfit for your character in the game and start the sea adventure. Use the on-screen controls to move and swim around, bombing the hungry fish. Be careful not to touch the bombs scattered around so you don’t waste your energy and lose the game before you complete the level. Variety of levels are available, becoming more challenging as you progress. Defeat the evil man eating the giant boss fish and complete all the levels you can. Collect coins in levels and shop for oxygen tanks, gems and new outfits for your character in the game.

Download the game now on Google Play to enjoy the thrilling pixel art sea adventure!

Google Play Download Link: Deep Sea Survivor