Monday, August 3, 2020

Learning Game of the Week – Hands Up Math

We discussed here already about Hands Up Math, the math practice and learning game to help yur kid learn math and sharpen his math quiz solving skills. Because we really liked this game and all the features it offers to turn your home into an interactive classroom, we decided to be our Learning Game of the Week. 

Basic Introduction

This is a super fun math learning game that will keep your kid engaged as he plays and have fun while learning math at the same time. Developed on Android and IOS platform, this math game will sharpen your kid’s math quiz solving skills while your kid enjoys an exciting physical activity. It combines math training with hand gestures for solving math questions and learning.  


Categories, Levels, and More

Hands Up Math with its variety of features makes learning and practising math a more fun and effortless process for both parents and kids. Kids with the game can learn math easily and quickly through some basic math categories like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. The categories offer different levels so your kid can learn and practice. 

With gesture control and smooth performance the game offers engaging learning for your kid. Just choose a category, select a level and move your body to give answers to the math quiz questions. Turn your home into an active classroom, answer the math questions and complete the levels. For your achievements in the game win coins by giving correct answers and completing levels to progress, learn and practice math.

Download it on Google Play and App Store to help your kid learn math easily!

App Store Download Link: Hands Up Math

Google Play Download Link: Hands Up Math