Monday, August 3, 2020

Social App of the Month - imCelebrity

We already discussed here about imCelebrity, the social network for artists that like to create content, get fans, and become famous. Because we really liked this app and the amazing features it offers, we decided to be our Social App of the Month. 

What is imCelebrity?
imCelebrity is the ground breaking Indian social app developed for Android users and built for artist that like to create content, get fans, and explore talented people worldwide. Showcase your skills and talent and get connect with relevant professionals based on your skills. Get famous without wasting money and build a meaningful network to start connecting, posting, and exploring. 

Why Do We Love It?
The app offers variety of features to help you get famous and get connected with professionals. Get fans to follow and become a celebrity. Share your content and browse content shared by people you are a fan of, self-promoting and showing your talents to others.
Create content that’s creative, post videos, photos and original music, and share your talents or skills with the whole world. You have endless possibilities to create and share and be supported by fans.

Make real connections, see what your connections are posting, and post maximum 10 photos at time from your library. This app is currently focused for India but it works for other countries too.
Download the app now on Google Play to showcase your talent and connected with talented people!

Official Website: imCelebrity
Google Play Download Link: imCelebrity