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App of the Day – Universal TV Remote Control

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


The IR blaster is one of the most underrated features on Android phones. It’s also becoming rarer and rarer as a feature since phones are trying to remove as many ports as possible these days. However, those with an IR blaster are useful for all kinds of little things. One such instance is as a remote control for basically anything with an IR receiver. That can include TVs, ACs, some thermostats, cameras, and other such things. Today we will cover and app that will help you turn your Android phone into remote and screen mirroring device.

Basic Introduction

Think of it as a remote app for all. From TV to appliances such as AC and projectors, you can control them all with this simple remote control app. However, unlike most universal remote control apps, this app also includes a screen mirroring feature that works with most TVs.

Features & How to Use

Once you open the app you can choose between remote control & screen mirroring. If you open remote control you need to add a remote controller (and you can add more later for different device). Then you need to choose the device and the particular brand. Then the app will do the connection and you will have an universal remote with basic control features like change program with + - or numbers, volume, turn off/on and more.

If you choose screen mirroring you need to setup your phone and the tv on the same wifi network and follow the instructions. It will work only on TVs that have an in-built wifi.

At the end of the day this is a free, functional app to remotely control multiple devices in your home, as well as mirror your screen whenever you want. You can try it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Universal TV Remote Control & Screen Mirroring


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