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Health App of the Week - Track success sessions

Wednesday, September 23, 2020




Track success sessions was already discussed here as the bad habit tracker that can help you get all your bad habit or addictions under control. We really liked the app and the amazing features it offers so we decided to be our Health App of the Week.


What is Track success sessions? 

Track success sessions is a powerful bad habit tracker that is developed for Android users, super simple to use, designed for convenient one finger use. The app is created to help users easily track success sessions and keep their bad habits or addictions under control. Just set a goal and track your progress, the app will measure the intervals between sessions and give you color feedbacks.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This bad habit tracker offers various simple but efficient features to help you in your journey to get rid of the bad habits or addictions you have. Using the app, you will be able to keep your bad habits under control by setting a goal you would like to spend without the bad habit and starting the time to measure the interval between the sessions. 


When the app color reaches the color green that means that you’ve reached your goal. The app is focused on the success sessions, allowing you to track and time the intervals and keeping you informed how far you go with the color feedback. All your sessions are stored within the app and you can easily reset the app in the settings and start tracking again.  


Download the app now on Google Play to track success sessions and control your bad habits! 

Google Play Download Link: Track success sessions  


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