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Photo App of the Week - GRAB AR

Monday, October 12, 2020

Grab AR was reviewed here already a couple of days ago as the AR image viewer and AI background remover for you to easily grab, copy, and save objects without any background and view the photos in AR. We really loved the ar camera app and the incredible features offered on it so we decided to be our Photo App of the Week.


Basic Introduction  

This revolutionary AI background remover and AR image viewer is combining the power of AI and AR for easily grabbing, copying, and saving any object without a background. Developed on IOS and Android platform, the app allows you to visualize how objects would look in any environment. You can grab any object, save it as a photo, remove the background in real time and view it in AR.  

Grab, Remove, View, and More 

Intuitive and simple to use with smooth control and easy to navigate for you to experience AI and AR. Choose an image from your phone photos, camera or an image URL. Grab an object by selecting the focus on it, pressing and holding to copy the image and releasing to choose an option. You have various options like saving the AI image, taking it or moving it, or discarding the image. 


The precise AI camera scanning allows you to detect and capture images in real time and you can also scale, resize, and move images to the required position. On the app you have the option to save images without background as transparent PNGs for using in the future or to save copied images with a background in real time. To create unique images and maximize your creative access GRAB AR STUDIO. 


Download it on App Store and Google Play to visualize objects in any environment!  

Official Website: GRAB AR  

App Store Download Link: GRAB AR   

Google Play Download Link: GRAB AR  


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