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Racing Game of the Week - The Corsa Legends

Thursday, October 15, 2020



The Corsa Legends was already discussed here as the extreme car racing game that will put your skills on the test while you enjoy the racing adventure with furious speed. We really liked the game and all the features offered on it so we decided to be our Racing Game of the Week.


What is The Corsa Legends?  

The Corsa Legends is a fun and thrilling car racing game that is developed for Android users. With realistic 3D graphics and real sounds, this street racing game will put your skills on the test as you try to become the king of real car highway drift racing in the city streets. Race through the city with crazy speed, avoid the traffic, and complete the racing challenges.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This car racing game will test your car driving skills as you try to race through the city streets. All you need to do is to select a car and start racing. Choose a game mode among the free drive and challenge mode to test your racing skills. Beautiful locations to race are available to choose from like the urban location, the wild jungle, the desert and snow mountains. No traffic rules or laws need to be followed, just buckle up and start racing. 


Drive, accelerate and control your car through the city streets and even use a nitrous boost to make it move like a rocket. For your achievements in the game you will be rewarded with extra points and bonuses. Explore the limits of your skills, race and complete wild racing challenges to prove that you are the king of drift racing.  


Download the game now on Google Play to race through the city streets with furious speed! 

Google Play Download Link: The Corsa Legends   


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