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Education App of the Week - Onyx Global

Tuesday, November 3, 2020


Onyx Global was already discussed here as the learning platform where you get to thrive and experience in-depth knowledge, learning anything you like and becoming your own master. Because of all the amazing and advanced tools, content and features the app offers for learning we decided to be our Education App of the Week.


What is Onyx Global?  

Onyx Global is an education app that is developed for Android users, designed as the first learning eco system that utilizes the best of academia and professional training methodologies. On the platform you are provided with all the tools you need to thrive and experience in-depth knowledge. An entire personal growth journey is available at your fingertips.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This education app offers all the tools and features you need for you to get with a single touch an effective and effortless personal development experience. Optimize your growth journey with the Onyx Coach personal development tracker or start a personalized mastery coaching program. Enroll in master learner, professional excellence and master educator academies to elevate your qualifications and capabilities. 


You will be able to connect with Onyx associates and the Onyx trade education marketplace for academic coaching, admissions counseling and research opportunities. Connect with Nuo Digital’s design, management, and analysis services as well as the Nuo Suite of digital products for your personal and business success. Learn through video, audio, text coaching, courses, community and collaborations. Access knowledge whenever you need it and all the education you need is accessible and affordable. A partner devoted to your personal growth is available at all times on the app.  


Download the app now on Google Play to thrive and experience in-depth knowledge! 

Official Website: Onyx Global  

Google Play Download Link: Onyx Global 


Education App of the Week - Onyx Global

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