Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Android Game of the Day – Scuba Dive Simulator:Zenobia

If you are looking for something unique, wildly-entertaining and unusual, then try our today’s Android Game of the Day: Scuba Dive Simulator:Zenobia. We didn’t have high expectations when we first wanted to try it. However, after playing it for just few minutes we realized that we are onto something big. This is stunning in many ways! It is the complete scuba diving gamin experience for Android devices you will ever want to try.


The place of Zenobia has an interesting story to be explored. It is a wreck in Larnaka, Cyprus. Considered as one of the 10 most stunning wrecks in the world, this is a really stunning setting one game to be based around.

Our Experience and features

From the first moment when you go underwater, the feeling is unmatchable and incredible. The water feels so realistic and the swimming around is just like you are doing scuba dive in real life. The attention to details is immense and you are left to explore until there is oxygen.

To create a real scuba diving experience, the developers added real scuba diving equipment. For example the game does real life calculations of the nitrogen exposure elvels, no deco limit, central nervous system toxity etc.

Choose from up to 3 different gasses and carefully explore the see world! You can learn along the way as the game will show basic info about each fish you see in the game. Simply tap on any of the fish and info about the name and basic bio will appear. So the game has its own educational tone as well.

It is no wonder that this game has earned different awards like Digital Championship Cyprus 2016. See the video bellow the experience the game and get it for free! Have fun with this real scuba diving gaming experience.

Google Play Download Link: Scuba Dive Simulator:Zenobia