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Business App of the Week - Startup Space

Friday, October 19, 2018

Our pick for a Business App of the Week is a powerful platform called Startup Space. Startup Space is a cross-platform app perfect for startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. If you need proper tools to start your business or accelerate your business growth this is a great way to go. Let’s see what Startup Space is all about!

Cross-Platform App of the Week – Fotocoin

Thursday, October 18, 2018

With the cryptocurrency wave taking over the digital world, several simple apps on your phone have tapped into this consumer demand. We’ve discovered one simple app to help you earn cryptocurrency – it’s called Fotocoin. Fotocoin is our choice for a Cross-Platform App of the Week because it finally makes cryptocurrency available to everyone – no need of special tools or knowledge.

Game Review - Stairs Rush Reloaded

Arcade games are certainly one of the most interesting, exciting and addictive games that are played on the go. Because of the popularity of these games, finding a unique and yet challenging arcade to test your skills and keep your attention each time you play can be quite hard. Luckily for all arcade lovers, we decided to help with the search. We searched and we discovered one incredibly fun and challenging fast paced arcade that you will enjoy for sure. Let’s see what the game offers you.

Puzzle Game of the Week - Kawaii Puzzle Match

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Our Puzzle Game of the Week is a fun and simple puzzle game for Android devices, perfect for all ages, and challenging for the mind. It’s called Kawaii Puzzle Match, a game that features all kinds of beautiful puzzles, from plants, to animals, food, and more. Let’s see what the gameplay’s all about and why do we like it so much!

Most Useful App of the Day - Oduwa Coin - Cryptocurrency

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bitcoin has not just been a trendsetter, ushering in a wave of cryptocurrencies built on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, it’s become the de facto standard for cryptocurrencies​, inspiring an ever-growing legion of followers and spinoffs. the field of cryptocurrencies is always expanding, and the next great digital token may be released tomorrow, for all anyone in the crypto community knows. While bitcoin is widely seen as a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies, analysts adopt many approaches for evaluating tokens other than BTC. Today we'll speak about such new cryptocoin.

Productivity App of the Week - AppBlock - Stay Focused

While there are countless apps promising to help limit distractions and make users more productive, we chose this one because it’s among the most popular, best reviewed and works perfectly on Android devices. It’s called AppBlock - Stay Focused, and it’s our pick for a Productivity App of the Week.

Health App of the Month – RepleteHealth

Start taking better care of yourself and your health with one of the greatest healthcare apps ever created – RepleteHealth. RepleteHealth is a wonderful cross-platform app that lets you keep track of your health and offers everything you need to get better. We find it extremely useful, so we decided to pronounce it a Health App of the Month. Read what the app’s all about in the article below!

Music App of the Week – Anime Music

Monday, October 15, 2018

Get your favorite anime music tracks directly to your Android phone or tablet with the one and only Anime Music app. This app offers a wide selection and a huge library of anime music, all for free. Listen to the best anime music of all time with our Music App of the Week and read why we love the Anime Music app so much.

Fitness App of the Week - Fitbounds Strong Arms Trainer

Obvious statement alert: Getting to the gym on super-busy days can be damn near impossible. But that’s the beauty of workout apps—and there are plenty of options out there for everyone from yogis to lifters to runners. What’s also great about using an app: you can track your progress. We’ve found an awesome workout app to get your arms in shape - Fitbounds Strong Arms Trainer. This is an efficient, free and professional arms workout app for iOS users, and it is our choice for a Fitness App of the Week.

Best iOS & Android Productivity Apps

Today we are going to present you best productivity apps for Android and iOS. They are can be useful in anyone's life if used and implemented in the right way.

Productivity App of the Week - Barcelona Forbidden

Productivity App of the Week - Barcelona Forbidden
Block distraction from apps and stay focused

Health App of the Month - Replete Health

Entertainment App of the Month - ReallyMake

Puzzle Game of the Month - XCube Master

Arcade Game of the Month - Moo Moo Arcade

Lifestyle App of the Month – Ezgifting

Cross-Platorm App of the Month - Freight King

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iOS Game of the Week - Square Dash - Geometry Blocks

Android Game of the Week - Bermuda: Dead Gold