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Health App of the Week – SmileReader

Saturday, December 29, 2018

We chose SmileReader as our Health App of the Week because it helps you start the family you have always dreamt of. Although this wonderful app has already been reviewed on our site, we decided to share it with you again due to its usability and helpful features. Whether you’re an Android or an iOS user, with SmileReader you will be able to take charge of your fertility and ovulation, to track and map everything to know their best chances for conceiving. Let’s see what it offers!

What is SmileReader all about?

SmileReader is developed for both Android and iOS users as an efficient and practical fertility tracking app which is helping users to start planning family and to take complete charge of their fertility. With the help of this easy to use ovulation tracker and fertility monitor that works only with the SmileReader kits, the users are able to track their test results and know their best chances of conceiving, mapping everything out so they can eliminate their pregnancy guesswork.

SmileReader’S Standout Features

This fertility tracking app is offering users various amazing features to help them learn about their fertility cycle and track their ovulation so they can start planning family their way. Available for the users there are SmileReader’s ovulation tests and when the woman takes the test she can take pictures of the tests and track the results directly from the app. Learn when you are ready to conceive by mapping your cycle. The users are provided with pregnancy tests as well and the tests can be logged inside the app.

The personal period calendar offers the women to learn when they are at peak ovulation so they have the best chances of conceiving. The test results can be quickly scanned within the app and the app will configure them into the woman’s cycle using the latest technology. The women can log daily their basal body temperature, changes in your cervical mucus, and even your mood and weight to increase the accuracy of prediction. Share the information, ovulation info and dates with your partner so he can be in-the-know, as same as yourself.

Download it for free on Google Play and App Store to start planning family and take charge of your fertility!

Official Website: SmileReader

App Store Download Link: SmileReader

Google Play Download Link: SmileReader


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