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Hoverwatch, The Best Phone Recorder App to Record Calls and SMS

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hoverwatch app makes being a parent that bit easier. Sometimes it’s virtually impossible to follow everything that your kids are doing on their phone these days, so at times you need some kind of app or software to keep track.

Hoverwatch is the prefect and most reliable phone spy tracker we have tested to date. You can track and record not only calls but SMS, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, contacts, Todo list and even your phone internet history. All without the user even knowing that hoverwatch is install on the phone. That’s due to the stealth mode which allows you to completely hide the app on the device whilst still fully tracking all the usage.

Using the app is easy. You will firstly need to sign up to get an account on the hoverwatch site. Download and install the tracker on the device. You will then be able to start monitoring just about every single thing on that device. You can see where the phone is with the Geolocation feature. You will also be able to track the phone even if the SIM card has been replaced. The hoverwatch app allows you to track and monitor up to 5 phones at any one time if you are a personal user or if you run a company and wish to monitor your employees then you can do so on 25 different phones.

So, parents use the hoverwatch app, not because of trust issues but to make sure things are kept in-order with their kids. We have to admit that the internet can be just as dangerous as it can be useful. So, we need to keep an eye on our love ones and this app is the one.

With so many features, no wonder so many users have labelled hoverwatch the best spy recorder app.

 A Few Features

·         Track the phone on a detail map online
·         Access all calls recordings and SMS
·         Access all incoming and outgoing Facebook chat messages
·         Monitor WhatsApp messages
·         Track Viber activity
·         Monitor Snapchat
·         Detect SIM card changes
·         Save all the phone contacts to the online account
·         Access all screenshots from the phone

This is just a few things that the app can do. To fully utilise hoverwatch it’s best to use the paid service. For only $19.95 per month or $99.95 for 12 months you can monitor a single device from your account. Monitoring 5 devices cost $39.95 per month or $199.95 for the 12 months. If you run a company then you have the options of monitoring up to 25 devices for $149.95 per month or $499.95 for 12 months.

Give hoverwatch a try, you certainly will not be disappointed.


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