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Game of the Day – Circle Hop

Thursday, September 29, 2022

What is Circle Hop?

Circle Hop is a new Android hyper casual game. This easy-to-play, yet addicting android game, requires you to just keep on hopping with the circle within the line without touching it. The goal is to achieve and beat your best score. You can also unlock circle skins, and compete on the global leaderboard of Circle Hop Players.

Standout Features of This Circle Ring Jump Game:

- endless ring jump gameplay

- simple game controls: tap to hop with the circle – play with one hand.

- try to beat your best score

- climb on the hit circle jump leaderboard

- complete challenges

- shop for new circle ball skins.


Uniqueness: 4.8

Fun while Playing: 5.0

Control Intuitiveness: 5.0


Requires: Android and up

Published by: Diver apps

Google Play Download Link: Circle Hop

Arcade Game of the Week – Circle or Square

Circle or Square was recently reviewed by our team. It has been one of the most addicting hypercasual arcade games we’ve played in the last couple of weeks. And for that reason, it deserved our Arcade Game of the Week spot. 

Basic Intro – What is Circle or Square

Circle or Square is a new android hypercasual and reflexes training game. The goal of the game is to collect the shape (circle or square) coming to the center. You lose the game when you incorrectly switch the circle and square in the middle.

Great for Reflex and Attention Training

Circle or Square is based on a high score system. Meaning you are playing against yourself in this single-player game. The minimalist and low-storage game is easy to replay over and over again. It has that competitive spirit that will make you play more and more. 

Since the game requires fast reflexes and great attention, we suggest it as a great focus and reflex training. We’ve played it a lot recently, and boy it can get hard! Our record is 98. If you are into such simple, yet addictive games, try Circle or Square – Tap Switch and let us know your best score!

Puzzle Game of the Month – Hex Merge Puzzle


Hex Merge Puzzle was discovered and reviewed by our team as one of the best new merge puzzle games published recently. Since then, it is still one of our favorite puzzle games on our team. For that, and because it’s simply a great merge puzzle game, we are pronouncing it as our Puzzle Game of the Month. Read more below.

Hex Merge Puzzle – Review Intro

Hex Merge Puzzle is a new Android block hexa puzzle merge game where you need to merge by dragging them on the hexagon board. If you match 3 or more blocks of the same number they will be merged into a larger number (2 into 4, 4 into 8, 8 into 16, etc).

Simple Gameplay with Mind-teasing Levels 

As we already mentioned, Hex Merge Puzzle has the classic number merge gameplay. The levels require you to merge the blocks into numbers and reach a certain number. As you progress the number increases, which makes the game significantly harder. This puts your mind, logic, and strategic thinking to a real test.

The game gives one or two number blocks at the bottom. They need to be dragged and placed where suitable. However, they can also be rotated when you don’t have where to place them, or when you want to merge some number. Plan and try to create merging combos to earn more points. The game also keeps high scores as you complete the levels. What we also liked was the relaxing soundtrack that adds a relaxing ambiance to the whole merge puzzle experience. 

If you are into classic merge number puzzle games, Hex Merge Puzzle will be more than satisfying. It’s a perfectly executed, simple, yet engaging puzzle game for Android.

Utility App of the Month - Roomify

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Roomify was discussed here already as the room scanner and measuring tool for your projects. Because we really liked all the features this app offers to bring reality straight to your device in a few taps, we decided to be our Utility App of the Month.


What is Roomify? 

Roomify a convenient measuring tool and room scanner that is developed for IOS users. With this app you can easily scan your room for future projects. Just take out your phone’s camera, take a room tour, and save it on your device. Bring your reality straight to your device in a few minutes with this app, getting accurate measurements and 3D imagery.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This measurement and scanner tool for rooms offers variety of projects. You can measure different rooms in your projects with just a few clicks right from your device. A 3D image will be constructed from your phone’s camera and it will provide you with accurate measurements.

With the app, you will keep account of projects with ease.  

Save your rooms and access them at any time using this app. It includes accurate measuring, 3D images of rooms, a library of rooms tailored by you and more. Using the app, you can export rooms via messages, email and other. The app needs a LiDAR sensor to work, phones that have the sensor are iPhone 12 Pro, 13 Pro, and 14 Pro.  

Download the app now on App Store to measure and scan rooms for projects with ease! 

App Store Download Link: Roomify  

Find potential new buyers or customers or simply connect with more business with Global Business Pages

Monday, September 26, 2022



Taking your business skills to the next levels nowadays can be done very efficiently by just using your smartphone. Because of that we looked for apps and games that can help you improve your business, find new potential buyers for your service or product or find new potential buyers for your products or clients for your services. We found interesting app with a simple mission at improving business locally. The app is called Global Business Pages and you can read and learn more about it.  


 What is Global Business Pages?


Global Business Pages is an app meant to help local business in order to find more clients for their service and more buyers for their product. The app has a simple interface, you can easily sign up for a new account by completing the form containing info like email, password, business name, business phone etc. This app offers you a simple and quick way to find and support local owned business by shopping locally.  The search section is easy to use and you can easily find local businesses, discover all the information about the business you are interested in, and shop locally to show your support toward the community.


If that sounds interesting you can download Global Business Pages from Google PlayStore or check their website from the links bellow. 


Requires: Android 4.4. and up 

Website: Global Business Pages

GooglePlay download link:  Global Business Pages

Calculate your lease fees and don't overpay once again with LeaseTrack

Sunday, September 25, 2022


Cars are essential in getting to other places and doing everyday jobs. Taking a car on a lease is not something new and it’s everyday thing for all of us. But what about planning it out? Is extra mileage of a leased car something that worries you? If yes, then we found the perfect app for you. App that can help you calculate your car lease duration, remaining miles etc.


What is LeaseTrack and how to use it?


LeaseTrack is an app that can help you calculate your lease duration, remaining miles and estimated overage without the need of doing it manually on your notebook or calculator. With LeaseTrack all of that is pretty easy and quick. All you need is to put the info (current odometer reading the system and how much over or under you are on that particular day based on your lease) in the app and will help you calculate automatically and help you avoid costly termination fee.  

When you use the LeaseTrack app you will get analyzed info if you are over or under your mileage at a particular point in time. It will show you potential excess mileage charge  and lease duration in terms of how much remaining days you have and miles that you are under total allowed mileage.

LeaseTrack is easy to use and the first thing you will need is to sign up, complete the info regarding the leased car including miles and lease terms. Once you calculate, you can use the info in order to update the mileage and it will automatically calculate the new terms. Also if needed you can check the mileage history including price and date.


Don’t wait for any longer, never be late and pay more for your lease. You can download LeaseTrack for both Android and iOS from the links bellow.


Requires: iOS 10.0 or later or Android 4.4. and up

Developer: Zakitech

iOS Download link: LeaseTrack

GooglePlay Download link: LeaseTrack