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Dating App of the Month – Lantern

Monday, April 19, 2021

Lantern was discussed here as the dating entertainment app for you to get matched with people that share the same passions and control your own story. Because we really loved this app and the features it offers for you to create your own narrative and choose people that appeal to you, we decided to be our Dating App of the Month. 


Basic Introduction 

This entertainment dating app is user-friendly and offers you an experience that is focused on you and your preferences. Developed on the IOS platform, the app will connect you with people through shared entertainment experiences. You will get matched with people that share the same passions as you, creating your own narrative and choosing the people that appeal to you the most.  


Match Selections, Content, and More 

Lantern offers variety of features for keeping you entertained, motivated, and inspired. Get instant access to hundreds of ‘’choose your own path’’ video and written adventure episodes on this app. Based on the path you take after each episode you will get match selection to ensure you meet the right people for you. A curated community of people that love movies, tv shows, books, and stories as much as you is available. 

You will be able to choose the paths that appeal to you the most and create your own narrative. A wide selection of genres based on your preferences is offered. All the content available is created by some of the most sought-after writers and performers in Hollywood. A safe dating experience, free of ads, and complete privacy over your personal information, it’s all guaranteed in this welcoming and inclusive community. All the content can be accessed with no commitment period, the app offers a month-to-month premium subscription. Enjoy controlling your story and get matched with people that make the same choices on this platform.  

Download it on App Store to control your story and get matched with people that think like you! 

Official Website: Lantern  

App Store Download Link: Lantern   

Education App of the Week – Lyringo

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Lyringo was discussed here as the lyrics language learning app for you to learn a new language through your favorite music and lyrics. Because we really liked this app and all that it offers for fun language learning, we decided to be our Education App of the Week. 


Basic Introduction 

This lyrics language learning app is offering a simple and fun way for learning new languages through music and lyrics. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, this app can help you learn languages like English, Spanish, French and other by playing videos and lyrics of your favorite songs. You will take your vocabulary to the next level by just playing songs and reading lyrics, having fun and singing along.  


Music, Dictionary, and More 

Lyringo and the features it offers will help you in improving your listening comprehension and expand your vocabulary with new words and expressions you learn and boost your grammar skills as well. You will learn effortlessly just have fun while practicing any language of choice. Quick quizzes are available regularly to make sure you remember all the new words you are learning. Just listen to music and sing along to your favorite songs, following the lyrics and improving your pronunciation. 

A karaoke mode for you to sing and read translations of lyrics. Is offered too. On the app you get to choose and select words that matter to you and use bilingual dictionary and integrated translations to translate and learn word meanings. Subscribe and get premium features such as playing thousands of lyrics without ads, translating words and phrases without limits, and access vocabulary and complete activity history on this app. 

Download it on App Store and Google Play to learn new languages through music and lyrics! 

App Store Download Link: Lyringo  

Google Play Download Link: Lyringo 

VPN App of the Month - Appovum VPN

Friday, April 16, 2021

We talked about Appovum VPN here already as the ultra-fast VPN that will keep you safe and protected online no matter where you are in the world. Because we really loved this app and the variety of extra features it offers for you stay secured, we decided to be our VPN App of the Month. 


What is Appovum VPN? 

Appovum VPN is an ultra-fast free VPN app that is developed for Android users. It’s easy to use, safe, and secure with phone booster, battery saver, and CPU cooler additions, all inside one app no matter where you are. It will allow you to keep your phone secured by using a proxy in a safe manner. This app uses 100% free proxy with unlimited bandwidth, super-fast, and high Internet speed.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This VPN app offers variety of features like a free speed booster, a free batter saver, a free CPU cooler, and free Internet speed test. It will allow you to clean up your RAM and optimize your phone speed by removing unused background tasks. It will boost up the memory even when you’re playing a game. Save your battery power with the battery saver available and optimize the batter usage with a tap. 

It will give you a longer battery life with advanced saving modes. Test the speed of your Internet connection with this app too. Browse the Internet in a secure way with full data encryption, anonymously and protect your personal information. Get unlimited access to all your favorite websites and apps without being monitored. All your sensitive data is kept private and secure, away from hackers and ISPs with this app.  

Download the app now on Google Play to get unlimited free VPN from anywhere in the world! 

Official Website: Appovum VPN  

Google Play Download Link: Appovum VPN  

Genie Quest – The Enchanting Genie Quest Match 3 Game

Thursday, April 15, 2021

There are tons of match 3 games available for smartphones nowadays. That’s why if you are looking for an adventurous match 3 game that will take you on exciting quests in enchanting environment with characters from fairytales, we looked and we found one genie quest match 3 game for you to go on a quest with Alladin. Read more about Genie Quest.  


What is Genie Quest? 

Genie Quest is an exciting genie quest match 3 game that is developed for Android users. Easy and fun to play, this game offers you the chance to explore legendary cities and become the greatest genie collector. Battle the all-powerful Dark Genie and help Aladdin in his quest to liberate the Pomegranate Palace from the villainous wizard Jafar. Relive the beloved tales of adventure, magic, and genies.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This genie quest match 3 game offers variety of features and an exciting gameplay with beautiful artwork that will transport you straight to the fairytale story. It offers a diverse range of game modes like playing for high scores, racing against the clock or freeing genies from the bottles. Collect genies and complete quests while exploring the Arabian mystic cities. You will receive free boosts when you collect magical lamps and free genies. 

Unlock new episodes as you defeat epic bosses. You can even choose the character to play with, Alladin or Princess Shiraz. In this game there are many enchanted environments, characters and stories ready for you to experience. Unlock unique boosts and loot, unleashing even more powerful moves. This game currently offers 50 levels and more will be monthly added. Also, the game can be connected with your Facebook account and linked to all your devices.  

Download the game now on Google Play to collect genies and help Alladin in his quest! 

Google Play Download Link: Genie Quest  

App of the Day – Standard Interval Timer

There are tons of fitness apps available to help you get into the best shape and work out like a pro. For people in need of fitness apps that could help you track your work out and break times as well as number of rounds you do, there are apps for that too. We looked and we found one workout time that you need to try. Read and learn more about it.  


Basic Introduction 

This workout timer is easy to use and convenient with intuitive and simple scroll interface. Developed on the IOS platform, this interval timer for interval training will help you work out like a pro. Get in optimal fitness shape, no matter if you are in the gym or at home. This app is suitable for all types of exercises, no matter if you are in a beginner or an advanced fitness level.  


Features of Standard Interval Timer  

Standard Interval Timer with its variety of features will make it effortless for you to get in the best shape, wherever you work out and no matter the workout type. With this app you will easily be able to set work time, break time, and number of rounds too. You will be able to set easily rounds and track the workout time. The app has bright colors to make it simple for you to see the mode you are in. 

Also, the app conveniently works in the background. Using the app, you will be able to prep, work out, and take breaks at the right time. Get the feel of a professionally trained athlete and stay on track with your workouts. Set your desired workout time and your desired rest period and let the app do the rest for you. You will be notified whenever it's time to get moving or to stop and rest with this timer app. 

Download it on App Store to get in optimal fitness shape and stay on track with your workouts! 

App Store Download Link: Standard Interval Timer   


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