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FlipGame is challenging puzzle game where you will need to use all your creativness to solve the puzzles

Monday, November 28, 2022


Everyone loves puzzle games. The mobilephone is a perfect platform for the genre, whether you're into point-and-click adventures or word games. Of course, it's tough to find the best Android games out there since the Play Store is no help, so that’s why we have taken the liberty to choose one of the most interesting and challenging ones. Namely, we will talk about an android connect puzzle game called FlipGame.


What is FlipGame and how to play it?


FlipGame is a puzzle game specifically designed for those who enjoy challenging puzzle games where you can’t win so easily. This game will require using more creativeness and brain to solve some of the puzzles and unlike other games levels are pretty hard and addictive. Each level has its own set of rules so it will be harder and harder to go pass through levels. One time you will need to go horizontal, one-time vertical, one-time diagonal. Sometimes you will need totally different pattern in order pass the level. The interface and the gameplay are simple and enjoyable, you will need to turn all the black boxes into white ones. What we liked the most about FlipGame is the fact it won’t bother you with ads all the time. You won’t need to close an ad after each try or every level. The game is addictive, requires concentration and creativeness and will glue you into the phone screen for hours trying to solve puzzles. You can download the game from the link bellow.


Requires: Android 4.4 and up

Developer: LAB64 LLC

GooglePlay Download link: FlipGame



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