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Tool of the Week - CalcKit

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


CalcKit was already introduced here as the all-in-one calculator for you to solve all kinds of everyday problems. We really liked this app and the variety of features it offers for you calculate and convert units with ease, we decided to be our Tool of the Week. 


Basic Introduction 

This is a powerful all-in-one calculator app that is easy to use and convenient, offering calculators and converters for math, electronics, finance, and more. Developed on the Android platform, the app will help you solve all kind of everyday problems. You can use it for solving from simple calculations to unit and currency conversions, percentages, volumes, and more.  


Calculators and Converters 

CalcKit with its features will help you with all your daily calculation and conversion needs. The app has more than 150 free calculators and unit converters. The highly customizable scientific calculator offers instant results, memory buttons and a floating calculator widget as well. It has calculators and converters to help with algebra, geometry, electronics, finance, unit converting, mics while offering a smart search for fast navigation. 

There are custom calculators for creating tools that suit your needs with up to 25 variables per calculator and detailed tutorial with examples too. Calculators for percentage, proportion, average, equation, fraction, prime number and many more are available as well. Also, it has different geometry calculators for all your needs. There are many different calculators and transformers for your electronics needs available and many finance converters and calculators too. You will be able to convert units and use a date calculator, time calculator, analytical geometry calculator and other with this app.  

Download it on Google Play to get all powerful calculators and converters in one place! 

Google Play Download Link: CalcKit 

App of the Day – TheSea

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

With the right app on your smartphone nowadays you can discover all the best spots to visit around you. If you are a lover of the sea and want to visit beautiful spots by the sea for swimming, surfing, or just coastal walking, there are apps for that too. We looked and found one app that offers all of this for sea lovers. Read and learn more about it. 

Basic Introduction

This sea navigation app is designed for lovers of the sea and different sea activities that like to find spots by the Ireland sea easily. Developed on the Android and IOS platform, this app is simple and intuitive step-by-step guide on navigating through pinning spots for surfing, swimming, and coastal walking. Find pins, save your favorite spots, and even contribute to help others find spots by the sea. 

Features of TheSea 

TheSea is offering sea lovers variety of features for finding beautiful sea spots for just enjoying or even doing many different sea-related activities. Navigate through many pinning spots and discover beautiful places to visit. The app’s ‘’Activity’’ icon offers you to find a map of swimming spots all around Ireland. 

By using the ‘’PIn Drop’’ to add new places on the map too with this app. Whenever you find a swim spot, you just need to click on the pin and access all live conditions related to that spot. You can also contribute and share your wisdom by writing into the active and open wikis to add to history and share your point of view. Your favorite spots can be saved along with favorite blogs and podcasts from the seapod on this app. The pins are adaptable and dynamic and contain all the information you need to choose the right spot for visiting. 

Alternatively you can discover categories like activities, culture, environment, and advocacy for you to stay on track and informed are available. You will also be able to find events and listen to podcasts related to the sea and learn more about the sea and how can help your well-being with this app.

Download the app to find sea spots and access all live-information to choose the right spot for you!

Google Play Download Link: TheSea

App Store Download Link: TheSea

Health App of the Month – Responsible 4 Recovery


Responsible 4 Recovery was discussed here already as the personalized recovery companion for you to get the motivation and support needed on your recovery journey. Because we really liked this app and the features it offers for you to overcome your addictions, we decided to be our Health App of the Month.  


Basic introduction 

This personalized recovery companion is easy to use with user-friendly intuitive interface for you to get the motivation and support you need throughout your recovery journey. Developed on the IOS platform, this app will help you to overcome your addictions and learn from your recovery journey to create a new better life.  


Track, Review, and More  

Responsible 4 Recovery with its features will help you stay motivated and get the needed support for your recovery. Use this app for setting goals that work for you and even snap photos that will use as reminders of what you want to achieve, a day at a time. The interactive Feelings Wheel is available to help you track your moods. This app also allows you to review your day and save all moments that you are grateful for. 

You will get support throughout your recovery journey with daily suggestions on this app. View all online AA and/or NA meetings in one place and even track your takeaways and attendance on the app. The triggers you encounter daily can be tracked with the app too. Celebrated your accomplishments by getting rewarded with badges and trophies. Improve your recovery journey and start pursuing your dreams using this app.  

Download it on App Store to stay motivated throughout your recovery journey! 

Official Website: Responsible 4 Recovery  

App Store Download Link: Responsible 4 Recovery 

Productivity App of the Week – Spring Cleaning 2

Monday, May 10, 2021


Spring Cleaning 2 was introduced here already as the contact manager for deleting and restoring multiple contacts at once on your phone. We really liked this app and the features it offers for you manage contacts with ease so we decided to be our Productivity App of the Week.


Basic Introduction 

This convenient and reliable contact manager is easy to use and user-friendly, offering you the chance to delete and/or restore up to 10 contacts from your phone at a time. Developed on the IOS platform, this app will help you delete and restore contacts easily and quickly, managing your contacts without effort in a few taps.  


Delete, Restore, and More 

Spring Cleaning 2 with its features allows you to manage your contacts with ease. It offers you to lighting fast delete and restore operations, especially information with large address books. The app has a super smooth search experience for easily finding any specific contacts you want to delete. It has a background completion of operations available when you exit the app or sleep the display. There’s no more scrolling through contacts or hunting for the ones you need with this app that will help you manage and organize your contacts as you need. 

Select and delete multiple contacts easily and quickly and restore or permanently delete contacts in the Trash too. Tap on a name of a contact to get their full contact’s info and even toggle filter to show all contacts or just the ones just selected. The All/None button/select all contacts at ones are available for removing everything and starting fresh or just working backwards and sparing contacts you want to keep. The app is updated regularly, offering new functionalities too.  

Download it on App Store to delete and restore multiple contacts at once with ease! 

Official Website: Spring Cleaning 2   

App Store Download Link: Spring Cleaning 2 

Game of the Day – Toddler Colouring Book

Coloring books can be a great way for your kids to develop their creativity and use their imagination while having fun painting drawings. There are coloring books now available for your smartphone that can bring the same experience for your kids. We looked and we found one kids coloring book for toddlers. Read and learn more about it. 


Basic Introduction 

Toddler Colouring Book is easy and fun to play kids coloring book for toddlers and young children to have fun coloring adorable drawings. Developed on the Android platform, this game will help you unleash your kid’s imagination and develop their creativity. This game will allow young kids to explore the wonderful world of color.  


Drawings, Tools, and More 

This kids coloring book has variety of features that will make coloring for kids, super fun and easy. The game is offering tons of artwork for kids to get creative and color many adorable colorings. It has different categories of drawings such as animals, birds, designs, dinosaurs, flowers, fruits, toys, vehicles, and other. 

Kids with this coloring book get to enjoy painting and use many different simple tools to paint. The game tons of pencils, brushes, and crayons. An eraser is also available for fixing mistakes and coloring certain parts again if needed. After drawings are painted, kids can take a photo and save their drawings after they are done coloring them. Let your kid get creative with many drawings available in this kids’ coloring book.  

Download it on Google Play to let kids have fun coloring and developing their creativity! 

Google Play Download Link: Toddler Colouring Book 


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Health App of the Week - Responsible 4 Recovery
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