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Health & Fitness App of the Week - Fivegreen

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Fivegreen is a new diet tracker and meal planner that can help you beat bad dietary habits and build healthier ones through advanced health tracking, food recommendations, and unique use of gamification. These features have never before come together in a single app — and it’s one of the key reasons why we chose Fivegreen as our Health App of the Week.

Basic Introduction
Fivegreen is an all-in-one health & nutrition tracker developed for both iOS & Android that helps people from all walks of life — from those who need to lose weight to those who want to maintain their weight — beat bad dietary habits by replacing them with better (read: healthier) ones. 

The app gamifies your diet by allowing you to earn your cheat meals after, and only after, you eat healthily.

Offering a variety of features not found in other nutrition trackers and a clean, user-friendly interface, the app tracks what you’ve eaten, tells you which nutrients your diet is low in, and gives you whole food recommendations for what to eat next for a balanced, healthy diet.
App’s Features
Developed for both iOS and Android, the tracker offers advanced functionality wrapped in a clean, easy-to-use interface. You can track what you’ve eaten (with their easy-logging tech), track a range of other health & wellness behaviors (sleep, meditation, mood, water intake, exercise), see in-depth nutritional reports and historical progress on tracked behaviors, get personalized whole food recommendations for what to eat next (based on your daily diet & nutritional deficiencies), and stay motivated to continue eating healthily to earn your reward. It’s one of the most unique — and effective — new health & fitness apps because of its rich functionality and brilliant use of gamification.
Try it on Google Play and App Store to start eating right and earn your cheat meals!
Official Website: Fivegreen
App Store Download Link: Fivegreen
Google Play Download Link: Fivegreen


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