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Casual Game of the Month – Tumbly Rocks

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Tumbly Rocks was introduced a couple of days ago as the tumble adventure game that offers a new game concept for mobile that will get you hooked to playing. Because we really enjoyed this game and what it offers for players that love adventure and puzzles, we decided to be our Casual Game of the Month. 


Basic Introduction 

This tumble adventure game is offering a new game concept in mobile gaming that will keep you playing. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, you need to be quick-witted and flip the rocks away before they jam the tumbler. Tumble tap and become an adventuring ranger with this game. Join the brave rangers on their quest to clear the rocky path to Mount Fury before it erupts.  


Gameplay, Levels, and More 

Tumbly Rocks with its mechanics and features will get you hooked to playing. Just tap the screen and make the rangers shoot water jets from their hoses. You can use water blasts strategically from all sides to flip the rocks in the water before the tumbler is jammed. 

Clear the trail before Mount Fury blows. Build mines and collect gold on the cleared levels. Keep tapping, speed up, and flip rocks to reach Mount Fury. You can upgrade your hoses and make panic bombs at the factory as well. There are hundreds of challenging levels and stunning terrains to enjoy. 

 In this game there’s a smoldering sandy plain, untamed hazy glade, freezing arctic ridge, luxurious temple runs, and the formidable Mount Fury. Join the quest and tumble tap the blocks and figure a way to get them in the water before your tumbler is jammed. Boost your brain power playing.  

Download the game on App Store and Google Play to tumble the blocks to become adventuring ranger! 

Official Website: Tumbly Rocks  

App Store Download Link: Tumbly Rocks  

Google Play Download Link: Tumbly Rocks 


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