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Casual Game of the Month - Math Hates You!

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Math Hates You! was discussed here already as the math running and shooting game for training your brain and learning math in a fun and interactive way. We really liked this game and all that it offers so we decided to be our Casual Game of the Month.  


What is Math Hates You!? 

Math Hates You! Is a math running and math shooting game that is developed for Android users. Train your brain in a fun way and learn math. Navigate your run math shooter and destroy the math blocks and minion bosses. Save humanity from the absurd numbers and operations launching towards the earth. Fight and solve operations and climb the ranks to prove that you are a math count master.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This math running and math shooting game with its features and gameplay will get you hooked to playing. There are tons of math shooter challenges, made up of one-of-a-kind designs, settings and music. See how long can you go in this math game without touching blocks or bosses.  

You can use power-ups in this game to destroy the minion bosses. The more you play, the harder it gets but with unique powers and firepower you can win. Test your skills in many levels, enjoying smooth controls and exciting space inspired environments.  

In this game you will train your brain with interactive math learning while having fun playing. You can play the game offline too. Overcome the difficulties and become the hero that will save the earth. Play, learn, and train your mind with this math shooter game. 

Download the game now on Google Play to train your brain and learn math in a fun interactive way! 

Google Play Download Link: Math Hates You!  


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