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Top 9 best sport, health and fitness apps for iOS and Android

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

We decided to present you the best fitness apps, because the summer is getting closer and we all need to get back to the gym or do some workout at home. So, here we go.

Jefit for iOS & Android

Jefit is truly an amazing fitness app available for both iOS and Android. It has simple menu in which you can chose your routines, see exercises divided by muscle, organize your working out and check your stats. You can download different routines depending on what are you aiming at. There is beginner routine already installed, but, for example I installed Jefit Advanced Routine. Also if you want new exercises for a certain muscle, you can check the feature exercises and the app will give you lots of different exercises for that muscle.

Google Play Download Link: JEFIT

App Store Download Link: JEFIT 

Recipe Organizer by Cookooz

What is a good exercise routine or plan without proper meal plan? For proper meal planning and organizing we've included Cookooz. Cookooz makes saving and storing recipes simple and easy, just snap a photo of the recipe (you can take up to 5 per recipe) and save them to your collection. Whether it is from a cooking website, magazine, today’s paper, or those pesky recipe index cards, with Cookooz you can organize and optimize your recipe collection in an instant.

App Store download link: Cookooz
Official Website Link: Cookooz

Muscle and Motion Strength Training

Muscle&Motion Strength Training app which is already proven and successful with close to a million users worldwide and over 400 exercises analyzed available for both iOS & Android. This original app showcases excercises with a human body and visible anatomy of the muscles to help users understand how to do a certain excercise and which muscles they are hitting with that excercise. Excellent app with trully helpful info!

App Store Download Link: Muscle & Motion Strength

Google Play Download Link: Muscle & Motion Strength Training


FOOTBSY is a great sports app for the football fans. It  has live coverage from the 15 most popular football leagues in the world, with live updated results, statistics, league tables, fixtures and more. Live matches on this app have fast and accurate updates for scores, minutes, halftimes and full-time results, scorers and assistants, substitutions, cards, statistics and more. FOOTSBY Live Scores app have details for each team, where you can see the tables, fixtures, results, statistics, last matches etc. of your favorite teams.

Google Play Store download link: FOOTSBY Live Scores

App Store download link: FOOTSBY Live Scores

90 Day Diet


While fitness is consisted of working out in the right way and consistently, eating right is maybe more important to amke that perfect body & lose-weight effeciently. To all the users that are looking to lose weight effeciently, we recommend the excellent diet app, meal planner & organizer - 90 Day Diet. Links are attached bellow.


App Store Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free - Lose Weight (Free)

App Store Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free - Lose Weight (Pro)

Google Play Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free - Lose Weight (Free)

Google Play Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free - Lose Weight (Pro)

Official Website: 90 Day Diet


MYB – The 10k Steps Group Challenge 


MYB or Move Your But is a social health game that lets users create groups. Each member of the group must complete the 10k steps challenge for 21 straight days. The app serves as a great step counter and motivational app. It keeps things fun and engaging. It's available for both Android & iOS.

Google Play Download Link: MYB – The 10k Group Challenge
App Store Download Link: MYB – The 10k Group Challenge

Official Website Link: MYB – The 10k Group Challenge

50 Pullups Workout  

50 Pullups Workout is an app that helps you train your muscles. With this app you are going to discover different pull ups and it will guide you every day until you complete the 50 pull ups in a row. You will be able to follow your number of pull ups to help you complete your goal.. and what's a better way to shape your body other than pullups?

Google Play Download Link: 50 Pullups Workout

LokaTrain for iOS & Android

The app enables you to get fit and in shape in no time with the best trainers and most amazing workouts in your area.You can see the Instagram and social media presence of the fitness pros and you can also see videos that they upload! Super helpful features when it comes to deciding who to contact and choose!Great and really helpful fitness tool.

Google Play Download Link: LokaTrain
App Store Download Link: LokaTrain


Workout Trainer for iOS & Android

Workout Trainer is more of a social fitness app, as you can connect with friends, like certain exercises and even share them via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. Also there are community work outs and a forum with a lot of interesting topics in which you can comment. One flaw of the app is maybe that it not divides the exercises by muscles, instead it offers already prepared “workouts”. But maybe this is what makes the app unique. There are hundreds of different workouts, you can categorize them according to your needs and conditions. This app is perfect for those who want to work out at home, it will give you ton of interesting exercises. Try it, if you want to try something new and at the same time have fun.

Google Play Download Link: WORKOUT TRAINER
App Store Download Link: WORKOUT TRAINER

Virtual Gym for Android and iOS

Another interesting fitness app with virtual 3D presentation of the exercises. After you register, you can plan your workouts and activities for different day and follow your progress and achievements. I must admit they offer interesting workouts, but for the best workouts you must to pay. Automatically when you register, they build you a profile on their website, and you can start edit and put info in it, you can even start a blog.

Google Play Download Link: VIRTUAL GYM
App Store Download Link: VIRTUAL GYM

Fitness Buddy: 300+ Exercises for Android

This app is similar to Jefit. It’s simple and the exercises are divided by muscle group. Also there is schedule in which you can add exercises and work outs. There are number of interesting workouts divided by levels like beginner, intermediate, bodyweight only etc. Not only that, the app gives you the option to create your own workout. As all other apps, if you want more exercises you must buy the PRO version.

Google Play Download Link: FITNESS BUDDY: 300 EXERCISES

You can find another interesting free fitness apps list on Relaxing Cafe.

If we missed some great fitness app, please leave a comment.

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