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Top best messaging apps for Android and iOS you must have

Friday, September 27, 2019

In this list we decided to present you the best texting android apps for your Android smartphone. We included the best messengers, best SMS replacement apps and SMS lockers. Using these Android apps for messaging you can improve your phone in many ways and also save time and money. Also your SMS communication will be much more compelling and customizable.

Pop Template

At its core Pop Template is a quick reply messaging template creator for Android that works with numerous social, messaging & email apps in order to increase your typing productivity and save you time. The process of creating messaging templates is super-easy and you can create various categories for your quick replies. These categories and settings are saved in the cloud so you can easily restore them if needed..

Google Play Download Link: Pop Template

The Blik

The Blik is a new secure messaging app for iOS and Android which offers secure messaging with another person that has your Blik ID. It’s the first secure messaging app that provides non-shareable contact address. Meaning your uniquely generated Blik ID can only be used once by the person who has it. This prevents harassments and adds an extra layer of security in your day to day communication.

Google Play Download Link: The Blik
App Store Download Link: The Blik
Website: The Blik 


WhatsStickers is a sticker app which is easy to use and very fun, offering WhatsApp users a chance to create their own customWhatsApp stickers and use their own photos and names to create them. Developed for Android users, with this app you can create personalized stickers for WhatsApp with custom fonts, colors, and shapes offered by the app and all that in 4 simple steps, choose the image, erase the background, add the text and save your sticker. Create the perfect stickers that match your taste.

Android Download Link: WhatsStickers 

Vernam IM

The Vernam IM is developed for IOS and Android users as one amazing messenger that allows users to use safe, secure and private chat without worrying someone discovering their messages. With the app users can send instant messages, photos and voice messages in complete privacy and all that while being highly secured. Easy to use, this messenger does not allow users to be hacked, offering them a decentralized app with unbreakable Vernam cipher, allowing them to chat with friends, family and anyone else protecting their privacy from everybody else they want to be secured. 

Official Website: Vernam IM

App Store Download Link: Vernam IM

Google Play Download Link: Vernam IM


If you want to avoid this and use a simple and free social media app, we recommend you download the InnerGroup app. This is a great app for world leaders, executives, journalists, human rights activists, celebrities, and your closest friends, which means it is ideal for both personal and professional use. The best thing: it lets you communicate in a safe and secure way. How? With its many integrated features, which by the way are presented with a wonderful design and smooth UI.

Google Play Download Link:  InnerGroup

App Store Download Link:  InnerGroup

Mac Store Download Link:  InnerGroup

Official Website Link: http://www.innergroupapp.com/

SendLater -SMS

SenndLater is a SMS scheduling app, one of the best ways to send a SMS on an exact date and time. The uses of this app are numerous. Maybe you want to send a reminder text to your friend about your dinner meet-up tonight one hour beforehand. Or maybe you want to automatically send out birthday and anniversary texts to avoid any potential “Did you forget?” drama.

Google Play Download Link: SendLater -SMS

Satway Pro

From all the messaging apps on this list, only Satway Pro provides messaging to satellite phones. It's an online messaging service for all satellite phone users that want to connect with their friends and family via an Android and iOS app. It offers a two-way communication, via text and voice messages, and geolocation anywhere on the planet.


Official Website: Satway Pro
App Store Download Link: Satway Pro
Google Play Download Link: Satway Pro

Contact Memory

Contact Memory is an amazing contact manager and organizer that will make texting much easier and more organized. The app enables tons of great organization features and will help you included tons of details for each contact you frequently communicate with. Send mass messages, group contacts and add favorites for easier texting and communication.

Google Play Download Link: Contact Memory
Website: Contact Memory

Fake SMS Detector

 Fake SMS messages are a possiblity and can lead to harrasment, bullying and lying. In order to protect yourself from that it would be really useful to have Fake SMS detector. It's the ONLY tool that is providing protection against all of those prank fake SMS apps on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Fake SMS Detector


nBubble is one practical messaging app developed for all android users that need help organizing their messenger apps and need a way to view and reply quick on messages from these apps without opening the specific messenger to do that. The app is easy to use and simply created to organize the message notifications the user gets, working with many online messengers for android. The app is working with Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Email, WhatsApp, Gmail, SMS, and many others messenger services.


Google Play Download Link: nBubble

App Lock 

At least once we all were SMS spied by someone which led to very awkward situations. To protect yourself from such situations just install AppLock, a pretty simple free app. It will protect you from anybody who will try to enter your messages or any other application on your smartphone, you just need to select which apps you will protect. If you only need simple and fast SMS locker, then try SMS Lock.

Google Play Download Link: APP Lock

Mighty Text SMS

We did review of this app before, it basically enables you to send SMS from your computer or tablet using your phone number. Very useful if your phone is far from you when you are on the computer, or you need to write fast and long SMS. You also will have clear and simple view of all messages and calls from your phone.

EDIT: With a Mighty Text Chrome extension you can now easily send SMS from gmail

Google Play Download Link: Mighty Text

Note: if you want to send free SMS from around the world to a US number get iPlum. It will give you all the functions of a US phone number.


Skramblr is a new messaging solution that offers stable, safe and encrypted messaging.  The fast, intuitive and highly functional design and user interface are a joy to use. It elevates the way you send and receive messages on your device. This app with a global reach, full of brilliant visuals, allows you to send text, audio, photos and videos with all of your friends

Google Play Download Link: Skramblr

Trin Trin

Want to alert someone with an urgent message? Use Trin Trin. This wonderful and simple app will offer great functionality when you want to alert someone and send an urgent message. The app sends the message like a call and the message is full screen on the recipients device. Can come handy in many instances, especially in working environments.

Google Play Download Link: Trin Trin

Handcent SMS

If you don’t like the original messaging app from your Android phone, then here is another great customizable messaging app. Handcent SMS is one of the most popular and widely used apps from this category. It offers tons of useful features for customization like selecting themes, background color, background color of the SMS bubbles, font color, locking private messages, taking screenshots, scheduled sending of messages etc.

Google Play Download Link: Handset SMS


GO SMS Pro is another awesome messaging widget which will replace your initial messaging widget. It offers tons of features for customization. They are very similar with Handcent SMS and basically it has the same features. However, It has a better looking design, offers various themes and has a lot of unique stickers. 

Google Play Download Link: GO SMS Pro

Free SMS apps  

I’m currently using 24 SMS for sending free SMS, as it supports sending SMS in 145 countries. You may also try the other two very popular, and more quality, apps for sending free SMS like Text Me and HeyWire. Text Me and HeyWire offer the service to around 40 countries though, but they are much more reliable than 24 SMS. This kind of apps are very useful for people who don’t have many free messages in their plans, for sending messages to people from another country or for sending messages to people who don’t have Android smartphones.


Although Viber is mainly used for phone calls, it offers free sending of messages as well. You can attach photos or location to the message and also there are the standard emoticons. You can also check Kakao and LINEvery popular apps similar to Viber.

If you use LINE, try these Authentic Hawaiian stickers

Google Play Download Link: Viber


For me, and for many of my friends, WhatsApp is God of sending messages. The best app for free texting definitely. Awesome UI, simple, neat, responsive, extremely fast and reliable. You can also use it for sending photos, videos, audio, locations and contacts. From recently WhatsApp supports voice messages.

Fun Fact: On 12th of June Whatsapp handled 27 billion messages in just 24 hours. 10 billion were sent, and 17 billion were received.

For the WhatsApp junkies: If you want to follow and have nice view of your Whatsapp stats then download WhatStat. It will give you interesting statistics about your WhatsApp activity. On top of that, with another whatsapp trick app you can check and open whatsapp chat without adding a certain number as contact.

Google Play Download Link: WhatsApp


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