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Best educational and math apps for kids for iOS & Android 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Are you a parent? These educational and math apps for kids will make the learning and education of your children much more fun, interesting, joyful and they will absolutely love it. Check out our selection of these free educational apps for Android.

Nursery Rhymes: Music, Shows

Nursery Rhymes: Music, Shows and more is a smart pre-schooling app for your young ones with a goal to help you in the best grooming of your kid at very young age as the strong educational base matters a lot for you kids. It involves more than 1000 videos and it is arguably one of the best rated nursery rhymes apps on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Nursery Rhymes: Music, Shows and more


Learning Language Apps

There are hundreds of reasons why you should enable to your little one to learn language other than the native one. The brain, like any muscle, functions better with exercise. Learning a language involves memorizing rules and vocabulary, which helps strengthen that mental muscle. So using language learning apps is one of the smartest things you can do for your kid. Here we recommend to use the apps by LuvLingua both for iOS & Android. From Learning Japanese & Korean, To Russian and Even Persian, LuvLingua offers really great apps for effective, fun and interactive learning of languages.

Clapp - Teaching & Learning Anywhere, Anytime

Clapp is an educational app that serves as a learning management (lms) system and is extremely helpful for parents and teachers. Using this app you can explain and teach kids for any subject you may want. It features whiteboards and interactive tools and users can: record audio and video to create lessons, use teaching diagrams, pictures, shapes and fonts, save drafts, manage classes with assignments, announcements, discussions and grades, control who can see what and for how long. It's cloud based too!

Official Website Link: Clapp

Google Play Download Link: Clapp

Children Activity Book

Children Activity Book is filled with colors and interaction. All activities are dedicated and intended for kids with age from 2-8. It is also build to develop the both left and right side of the brain. The UI is carefully designed and I got to admit that the developers did an excellent job. You should entertain and educate your kids with My Children Activity Book. It looks great on an iPad. The app is available for devices that run iOS 4.3 or later.

App Store Download Link: Children Activity Book  


Donkey Ollie  

Recently rated by our staff members, Donkey Ollie was surely one of the best educational Android apps intended for kids. Not only because of the amazing content it offers but also for the purpose and the great functionality of the app. It is a lovely educational app that tends to help children learn about God. Tales of Donkey Ollie includes over 40 children’s stories. All these stories cover 4 categories of stories. Everything is organized neatly and the whole user interface is intuitive, but most importantly the app is beautiful and easy to use, and kids love that!

Google Play Download Link: Donkey Ollie


Serin Smart Kids' Game

A great game that is both educational, interesting and entertaining is the perfect one for kids aged 2-6 years. That is the period in their lives when they start to develop thinking skills. Serin Smart Kids' Game is just that. With its lovely thought levels it will surely help them in the development of their thinking skills and it will surely entertain them. It is available in multiple languages as well.

Google Play Download Link: Serin Smart Kids' Game


Kids Numbers and Math

This app is created by the developers of Intellijoy, quality team that also produced few other quality educational apps for kids. Other than the great Kids Numbers and Math, you may also like Kids Reading (Preschool),  KidsPreschool Puzzle, KidsAnimals and the simple, but useful KidsABC Phonics. They are interesting, educational and fun, and on top of that they are all free.

Google Play Download Link: KIDSNUMBERS AND MATH

Talking Kids Math and Numbers

Talking Kids Math and Numbers is one of the best math apps for kids on Google Play. Great UI, interesting and quality 3D graphics and voice interaction with animations. Kids will surely love talking penguin and will learn math with easiness and joy.


Educational games for kids

There are 6 educational games included in this quality app. This 6 games include wide variety of topics like educational quotes, educational quizzes, talking alphabet, math games and many other.



This is app is great in many ways. It has fun pictures, text stories, but audio in them as well. So, if you are tired reading to the children, you can just play the audio of the stories. The parent section of this app is protected, so you can add or remove books from the kids library. There are fairy tales, folk stories but also many educational books in the app.

Kids Painting Coloring

Kids Painting Coloring is really interesting and fun coloring app. It is obvious that this is an app for preschool kids that will help them develop and learn the colors faster. At the same time they will have fun time with the cool and neatly designed objects.

Google Play Download Link: KIDS PAINTING COLORING

123 ABC’s Handwriting Fun

Very fun handwriting app. You listen the letter and then trace and write it. If you make mistake, you need to shake the device and it will erase it. There are upper case, lower case letters and numbers. Really interesting educational game that your kids will surely adore.

Google Play Download Link: 123 ABC’S HANDRWITING FUN

Math Training For Kids

Simple, useful and neat math game for kids with 3 difficulties to choose from. The colors and design are great as well.

Google Play Download Link: MATH TRAINING FOR KIDS

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