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Best travel apps you must have on your next trip (iOS & Android)

Friday, February 26, 2016

With this list of best travel apps we want you to take full advantage of your Android and iOS devices on your next trip. Save time, money and get useful information that will make your trip more enjoyable and relaxed.


Skyscanner is the official app of the website www.skyscanner.com. This app will enable you to save money and time in finding the best and cheapest flights directly from your smartphone. Skyscanner strives to be independent and it will show you all flights, even the cheapest ones. On top of that the app is user friendly, fast and clean. Definitely a must have if you travel frequently with airplanes.

Google Play Download Link: SKYSCANNER

App Store Download Link: SKYSCANNER


Pearshare - Get recommendations from locals

Pearshare is a social travel app that helps you create collections that you can you later use or recommend to other people. We are sure that this app can largely help you if you are traveling a lot or if you are hosting people, especially through Airbnb. Users can use the already prepared collections of locals (pearls) so they can experience the places they visit in the best possible way. The app is free and available on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: PEARLSHARE


OANDA Converter


This app is great because it works offline, it is more precise from the stock currency converter, and you can also implement the 2% ATM rate and the 3% credit card rate when you calculate your payments in a foreign country. Simple and useful.

Google Play Download Link: OANDACONVERTER

App Store Download Link: OANDACONVERTER 


Tourist Language Learn & Speak


This app will give you tons of translated phrases for various tourist situations like: transport, food and accommodation, emergency situations, spoken interaction and basics, like telling the time, day and great list of numbers. It supports Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Also the app offers text to speech and some other useful additional features. 




Quality Navigation App 


There are numerous quality navigation apps on Google Play and App Store. Google Maps is probably the best, and you can use it offline if you download the maps of desired location in advance. iOS devices have good stock maps app, but it needs work to be better. Some other quality navigation apps are the widely popular Waze and the less known, but great, Scout and Map Quest. But if you need a navigation app that will also work offline, without downloading any maps, and will give you directions, than try Sygic. It looks great, it’s in 3D and it has tons of additional neat features.

Google Play Download Link: WAZE

App Store Download Link: WAZE 


Google Play Download Link: MAPQUEST

App Store Download Link: MAPQUEST


Google Play Download Link: SCOUT

App Store Download Link: SCOUT 


Google Play Download Link: SYGIC

App Store Download Link: SYGIC 


WiFi Finder and Skype WiFi


If you are out of your country and mobile internet services are expensive, use this Wi-Fi finder to find free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots that are nearest to you. Is a must have if you use internet often. Another similar app is Skype WiFi. It is an official app released from Skype. They offer around 1 million Skype wifi hotspots around the world on which you can connect to with your Skype credit. They charge only per minute which is great if you need the internet shortly.

Google Play Download Link: WIFI FINDER

App Store Download Link: WIFI FINDER


Google Play Download Link: SKYPE WIFI

App Store Download Link: SKYPE WIFI


Gas Buddy

Having Gas Buddy is a must. It will save you great amount of money, it is user friendly and with precise prices for most of the gas stations. The great thing is that it has tons of gas stations and you will definitely find the nearest and cheapest one on your next trip.

Google Play Download Link: GAS BUDDY

App Store Download Link: GAS BUDDY


TripIt is one of the best trip organizers that is available free on Google Play and iOS. You can keep all your travel plans in the app and view them whenever you want, forward confirmation emails for every reservation to plans@tripit.com and don’t lose them ever again. You can also search for restaurants or places, get the directions and store it to the app with one click. You can share your plans with your friends and even sync them with your calendar.

Google Play Download Link: TRIPIT

App Store Download Link: TRIPIT

 Trip Advisor

The official app from the famous travel website is a must have. It is fast, responsive, clean and it is perfectly optimized for Android and iOS. It will give you the standard information for places near you, reviews, hotels, restaurants, things to do, flights and forums.

Google Play Download Link: TRIPADVISOR

App Store Download Link: TRIPADVISOR


Google Translate


If you are in a foreign country in some situations you will definitely need a translator. The Google Translate app is the best solution because it is perfectly optimized and designed for your Android devices. Apart from the standard translator feature, it offers offline mode, input words with your voice handwriting and camera.

Google Play Download Link: GOOGLE TRANSLATE

App Store Download Link: GOOGLE TRANSLATE


Expedia Hotels and Flights


Expedia will offer the best hotels near you, or your desired location, and you can sort them by price, deals or reviews. The app, and the website (expedia.com) frequently offer discounts, enabling you to save money. It offers booking of flights as well and the search of a flight is flawless and very fast. Actually the booking and reservations are very easy and fast to do, and with the discounts and the perfect UI Expedia is surely one of the best free travel apps on Google Play and App Store.



Other Hotel booking apps


The Expedia app is great for booking hotels, but there are some other great booking apps like the official app from booking.com and hotels.com. They are even maybe slightly better.  For example, Booking offers not only hotels, but other accommodations as well, and the number of accommodations is maybe the biggest on the whole Internet. Hotels also has wide variety of hotels, offers reviews and great amount of last minute deals and discounts. Another quality hotel booking app is Hotels Tonight. If you need to book the hotel the same day and find the latest and best deals for that day, than Hotels Tonight is the perfect solution.

Google Play Download Link: BOOKING

App Store Download Link: BOOKING 


Google Play Download Link: HOTELS

App Store Download Link: HOTELS 


Google Play Download Link: HOTELS TONIGHT

App Store Download Link:HOTELS TONIGHT 

 Note: The article was published originally in 2013 but since then the list was updated several times to remain relevant and up to date.  


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