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App of the Day – Create your own tests with MyCQs

Thursday, December 19, 2013

You can find all different kinds and categories of apps on Google Play intended for millions, variable uses. However, if you want to create tests that will cover different fields and subjects you will be able to do that with only one app – MyCQs. Praised by Guardian, MyCQs is relatively new educational app, that is unique, useful and it can help vast majority of students.

Developed by two medical students, this app has goal to help the students in their learning and to make the process of learning faster and more effective. It is proven that learning through tests before exam is one of the best methods for learning. Because you will create the tests and then answer them you will go through the material two times, so that is how this app will make your learning even more effective.

You can create your test with pictures and explanations, and what is cool is that you can create unlimited amount of questions. You can share your tests with MyCQs Community or send/print them and share them with your friends. The app is also synced with web and iOS devices, which is another plus.

If you want already prepared tests, this app has over 2000 tests from more than hundreds of different subjects including: Science, Computer Science, Languages, Math, Engineering, Aviation, Nursing, Art, Literature, Medicine etc. They are easy to access and neatly organized.

The user interface is extremely intuitive, everything is easy to find and creating a test is really simple. I used this app for preparation for my latest two exams and I think that is a real refreshment in the education world. I had great results on my exams and With proper promotion this app can reach to many students and actually help them. 

I think that this app is so good and successful, because it is created by students. They knew what they needed and they knew what can help them, can also help the student community.

Google Play Download Link: MyCQs

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